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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I just have to watch every week

Well another Tuesday and another night of sitting in front of the tube watching American Idol. This weeks genre: the 50's.

Mandisa: In the words of Simon "absolutely loved it". I also agree with Randy you set the bar for the night. Girl you were just GREAT!

Bucky: Dude, you are one true redneck from NC (and I can say that cause I was born and raised in NC and I am a redneck too - if you no me IRL you know what I mean). You have got to do something with that hair!! The performance was "ok" until the last note - not sure this genre is for you - you should stay with southern rock - that is what you are good at.

Paris: Fabulous song choice, one of my all time favorites - girl you got some pipes but not as good as I expected from you. But even though you can really sing, you need to take some speech lessons cause that cutesy little voice is getting on my nerves.

Chris: Johnny Cash is one of my heroes (even before my man Joaquin played him in the movie) - Dude you Rock!! This was a GREAT version of Walk the line. I love how you make each song your own. I do agree with the judges that this wasn't the best vocals this week but I still think you are safe (hey we all have off nights) still love ya dude.

Katherine: Lose the attitude chick! Yeah tick off the judges BEFORE you sing - smart move especially when you don't sing that well. You are just "so-so" for me. I had trouble getting past the attitude.

Taylor: LOVE YA LOVE YA LOVE YA... you have so much fun when you are performing

Lisa: Was it me or were you 1/2 a beat off on some of the lyrics? Sweetie you were in the bottom 3 last week and I think you will be there again this week.

Chicken Little (aka Kevin): Its time to go home - have to admit better than last week but DUDE NO STAGE PRESENCE.

Elliot: Never really been a fan of yours - umm still not

Kellie - Patsy Cline? brave choice girl. Too much makeup - you are a cutie so don't go all hookie on me. Otherwise pretty good - but for crying out loud girl get a brain!!

Pretty Boy (aka Ace): You are just a Chris poser trying to make the song yours - dude, it didn't work. Didn't like it at all. You will probably make it another week but I would put you back in the bottom 3 again this week.

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