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Monday, April 03, 2006

Outlet shopping

This weekend I went up to Albertville to go shopping at the outlets. What is really cool is this place is about 10 min from my house. Up until now, its been too cold to go but not this weekend. I had a blast shopping with my girlfriends and NO CHILDREN!

I got a lot of bargains. I bought myself a new pair of sneakers. The teeenage daughter stole my other pair for ball practice so I needed some new ones. Plus, I am going to start getting out of the house in the afternoons and walking (who knows I may even join a gym) of all, they were on sale!

Aren't they pretty - very girly with the pink! And just look how white they are. They will not stay that way for long.

I also bought a new candle holder. Yeah, I know yet another candle holder but I really liked this one and the blue goes good with my accent wall.

I also bought some items from a kitchen store. Smaller olive oil dispensers so I can make my own flavor infused oils (garlic, chili pepper, etc). I also bought a spoon holder and a dipping set.

I also bought a new Ralph Lauren sheet and comforter set for my bed. They are really soft (even after one washing) and the comforter is really warm. I slept so well last night I didn't even want to get up this morning. At first I wasn't liking the pattern or color but hey it was cheap and it was a matching set. But it seems to be growing on me. I think if I can find a purple comforter I will be happier.

Yes, its a little wrinkly but I don't iron sheets! You really can't tell in this picture but the green strip in the pattern is the same color as the comforter (which is why I got that one).

That was pretty much it for my shopping trip and the kicker (are you ready for this) I bought all this stuff for less than $200! Now that my friends is bargain shopping!

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