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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

This post is brought to you by the letter "R"

I got this from Fantastagirl and she gave me the letter "R". I am going to give you 10 words that begin with R with a little explanation. Let me know if you want to play in the comments and I will give you a letter too!

So here we go - the letter "R"

Rawr - I am not sure if this is a "real" word but it is something the teenage daughter uses all the time in her Xanga and Myspace - I think its cute.

Random - This pretty much describes my mind and personality - it goes in all sorts of directions and you never really know what I am going to say or do next.

Rook - This is the name of a card game. I learned to play when I was in highschool and would go over to the hubby's grandparents house on the holidays. Some of my best memories were of those heated holiday games and one in particular where I introduced Maw Dork (yes, that is her name Dorcas so I am not being disrespectful) to the phrase - "talk to the hand" she has been using it ever since.

Recruiter - I am a recruiter for software programmers. I really like the other aspects of HR much better but I when relocated I couldn't take the entire job with me (some things you just have to be there in person for) so I am just doing the recruiting piece now. I am good at recruiting and it gives me the opportunity to keep my job with a truly great company and to be able to work from home for which I am very grateful.

Remember - I have a looooong memory. I remember the silliest of things - there is so much trivia bouncing around in this brain (which is why nobody will play Trivial Pursuit or SceneIt with me).

Ring - I love love love jewelry and my favorite is Ruby and Diamond combinations. All of my rings are either diamonds or rubies or a combo. Back in the 80's when I was in high school I had a ring for every finger. I don't go to those extremes now but I still have quite a few.

Rock - I am a child of the hair bands! There is nothing like a Monster Ballad from a hair band!

Records - Yes, I still remember the days of vinyl records and had quite a collection. Growing up Mom and Dad had so many that we didn't have a linen closet - it was the record closet!

Race - I am from the south - where it is all about NASCAR! Love it!

Reminisce - not only to I remember lots of things but I like to reminisce about the good things in life and it usually revolves friends and family.

There you have it - let me know if you want to play.

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