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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

AI in review - Elvis is in the building

OK kiddies here we go with yet another week of American Idol. This week's theme: the one true American Idol - and one of my all time favorites ELVIS!

Before I begin the review can I just ask what was up with Priscilla's face? Sweetie, lay off the plastic surgery. As a matter of fact, I think I would go and ask for a refund for that botched up job.

Starting tonight's line-up, Taylor singing Jailhouse Rock. I had such great expectations for this performance and you didn't disappoint me. Dude, that outfit, that hair! I loved this performance from you. It looked like you were having so much fun! It started the night off just right for me. Can't say I agree with Simon on this one.

Up next - Chris the hottie - (hold on let me catch my breath - boxer briefs? oh yeah baby) with Suspicious Minds. I love this song. First of all, mmmm those glasses - OK have to pay attention to the song now. Oh yes, Elvis would be so proud. I see the finals for you. Hybrid Ryan? YOU are a hybrid.

Then we have Elliott - If I can dream - now a lot of people may not be familiar with this song but I am. You were going for the tender side tonight and you may have been a little better going with a more well known song however I think you pulled it off. I agree with Simon on this one, you came in as the underdog but I am not sure this was the best performance at this point in the show - but you were definitely in the top 3!

Katherine - Hound Dog - Yep, you have officially taken on the role of resident hookie - what is up with that dancing and laying on the table in front of Randy?? Perhaps you should be paying more attention to the song so you won't be forgetting the lyrics. How can anyone screw up the lyrics to THIS song?!? Totally agree with Simon, you are going home based on that performance.

Round two:

Taylor - In the Ghetto - Oh Taylor, I loved this performance from you. You gave this song a little bit of a funky feel. And nice wardrobe change too. Another great performance tonight. If we are going by tonight's performance - you are safe!

Chris - Little less Conversation - Oh Yeah! Dude, you are going all the way with that performance - loved it loved it loved it.

Elliott - Trouble - Again, you went for the lesser known of Elvis' songs. I really enjoyed this performance from you but I am not sure it will carry you. I agree with Simon, based on that performance you deserved to go to the next round.

Katherine - Can't help Falling in Love - OK to give you a little more constructive criticism, I closed my eyes during this performance so I wouldn't be distracted by a sad attempt of hooking it on stage. Ummm it didn't help. This is NOT your night. You were trying way to hard on this song. Sweetie, unless America is tone deaf, you should be going home tonight.

That is my take - Katherine going home. It only gets tougher from here.

Cheeky - who wonders who will take on the role of resident hookie if Katherine goes

Updated: Just watched Simon on the today show - his prediction for the final two - Chris and Taylor (didn't I say that way back when??)

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