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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

AI in Review

Well kiddies - I was all excited to see AI last night (after having missed it the last 2 weeks). Last night's theme - songs from the year you were born and this week's billboard top 10.

First up - Patti's man - Elliott. The first song you sang was George Benson's On Broadway - Dude I think you had it going on with this song it definately suited you. I really liked this performance from you.

Second round - you sang - Michael Buble's Home - I think you did ok on this on but you didn't move me. I think you needed to nail it a little more. OH and please be careful with songs that have the lyrics "I want to go home tonight" mmmkay? Not your best performance.

Paris - your first song choice was Prince's Kiss - I knew as soon as it was announced it was going to be a stretch for you - you just can't pull off the funkiness of the Purple Prince! And what was up with those heels and dancing? No No No - this was all wrong for you. I agree with Simon on this one.

Second round - you sang - Mary J. Blidge's Be Without You - now this is more you style I think, more in your element. I still think you should be in the bottom 2 but this song may have redeemed you.

Chris - you sang Styx' Renegade - you just a little off on the timing at the beginning but dude you recovered nicely and nailed it! And yes you are hot hot hot! Love ya

Second round - you sang - Shinedown's I dare you - This was right on for you. Take care of that voice though - don't over do it at this stage in the game. Oh and you should always always wear black leather! I still think you will be in the top 2.

Kathie - you sang - Phil Collin's Against All Odds - perfect choice because it is against all odds you will win this competition. Didn't like it at all and by the look on your face you knew you sucked!

Second round - KT Tunstall's Black Horse and the Cherry Tree - Get off the floor hookie! Besides the floor bit, I did like this song a little better than the first one. I am not sure it was enough to recover from the first performance of the night.

Taylor - you sang - Wild Cherry's Play that Funky Music - as soon as I heard that you were singing this I couldn't help but smile cause I knew you were going to bring it. But what was up with that shirt? You had fun with this song and I really enjoyed the performance.

Second round - you sang - Beatle's Something - Ummm that is on this week's billboard top 10? Where have I been? I love it - yep I loves me some Taylor! I think this was a great choice for you.

As for who is going to be in the bottom 2 - that is going to be a hard one - at this point in the game it could really be anyone. I think Paris should go - let's see if America agrees with me.

Cheeky - who also watched House after AI and can't wait to see the tonight's episode - are they gonna kill off Foreman???

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