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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Get the Thursday Thirteen code here!

Wow yet another game to play - I think I like it! So here we go - Thirteen Confessions:

1. I have an issue with feet (not a fetish) - if you are going to wear sandals - please do us all a favor and get a pedicure first!

2. I LOVE beer! I have been drinking it since I was five! (now I know what you are thinking - I used to get it for my Uncle and of course opened it along the way and took a swig or three).

3. I have many secret addictions....eBay and blogging just to name two.

4. Although I am a closet geek, I haven't taken the time to learn more or get better with blogger.

5. I am always busy but somehow things never seem to get "done".

6. I love music and play many instruments (clarinet, trumpet, baritone, tuba and bass guitar). I really want to learn to play the cello.

7. "Yes, I ate too much" seems to be an all too common theme for me these days.

8. I just recently was "fitted" for my bra and realized I was wearing the wrong size (it was too small - acckk!) The new one is much more comfortable.

9. I love a good storm - my dream vacation would be to go storm chasing.

10. I have blonde hair and blue eyes but I am part Cherokee Indian (way cool huh?)

11. I hate going to the dentist (don't get me started) but I can't stand having that fuzzy sweater feeling on my teeth. Ick!

12. I have two really great kids and I wonder how I got so lucky.

13. I am a girl but there are times I just hate shopping.....I either hit the goldmine or nothing that should fit its a crap shoot.

So there it first Thursday Thirteen. Did ya play?

Cheeky - who wonders how many people will read her thirteen.

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