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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

AI in review (couldn't wait to post)

Ok kiddies - here it is my take on this weeks American Idol. As I mentioned in my previous post, I was very worried about this week.

Bucky started us off this week with his version of Fat Bottom Girls. Wow Bucky, you did pretty well this week. This was a great song choice for you. You brought a bit of that good ol southern rock into the performance. Great way to start the show (agree with Randy). I still like you Bucky but I don't think you are going all the way to the end.

Ace- Oh so now you are doing this five o'clock shadow thing - such a poser! You sang - We will rock you. You did not have enough power or energy - everybody knows this song Dude you have to bring it and you didn't. What was up with that second verse? Dude, I still don't like you. Randy was right - a karioke version. Yeah Paula, he bastardized this song. Totally agree with Simon - you are going to be in the bottom three this week.

Kellie - Bohemian Rhapsody - Slutting it up a little this week with the leather and heels and playing with the hair aren't we? I was waiting for you to fall on the stage. Very pitchy. Randy was entertained because you went all hookie on us this week. And then just like clock work you pull out the dumb blonde routine with Simon - so predictable.

Chris - Innuendo - I agree with Easily Amused, you are total eye candy! Dude, I love your voice but I am not sold on this song choice this week. Totally agree your voice is good but you could have been a little better this week (Oh and Paula -umm sweetie - shut up!)

Katharine - Who wants to live forever - OK this week I was able to get over the attitude - slightly - you do have a voice but I still don't like you but you were ok this week (could be the chardonnay talking though so don't get excited).

Elliott - Somebody to Love - nice DJ work at the beginning (oh and Dude, this is one of my favorite Queen songs) Patti- girl this week I jumped on the Elliott bandwagon (and this time its not the chardonnay). I thought this was a great song choice for you. Elliott - you brought it tonight!

Taylor - Crazy little thing called love - I was a little worried about you this week but Dude you did great! I was completely entertained - Taylor is back (work on your mic stand kicks though). Hold on - Simon did you say something about getting drunk? Hang on let me pour another one (haha).

Paris - The show must go on - Hmmmm taking some fashion tips from the resident hookie Kellie this week? You have a GREAT voice - no doubt about it but you are not a rocker. You could be with some work but it wasn't tonight. Agree with Simon - this was a little weird.

Hard for me to say who is going to be in the bottom three this week (besides Ace of course). Tomorrow's results will be interesting.

Did ya watch? What did you think?

Cheeky - who is gonna finish her glass of chardonnay and play some Queen (with Freddy of course).

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