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Thursday, April 06, 2006

My turn on the soapbox

Ok just like my other blogger friends I have something I need to rant about and just get it off my chest.

Currently, the teenage daughter is suffering from sinus issues (could be a cold, could be allergy related since we are in a new state in the spring and she is being exposed to new allergins). I am not sure if this is happening in other states but here in (say it with me) Minnefreakinsota in order for me to purchase over the counter medications that contain pseudoephedrine to alleviate her symptoms I have to show my license and register with the pharmacy and can purchase only ONE item and can only purchase it from the pharmacy counter. Excuse me?!? What if she needs a daytime formula and a nighttime formula - too freakin bad! And because I have to show my license it goes into some database somewhere that they are all linked to so I can't "shop around" (don't get me started about privacy issues - that's a rant for another day). I am sorry but this is an OVER THE COUNTER medication not a controlled substance.

Now I know why this is happening, but I am not producing meth, I am trying make my child better. Why is the mass majority being punished by the actions of a few? So, let me tell you what is going to eventually happen. They are reformulating all the medications and soon you will not be able to get anything with pseudophedrine. I have tried those meds and they DO NOT WORK! So, when this happens, we are going to have to start going to the doctor for simple colds that OTC meds used to take care of. We are going to have to get prescriptions for meds that we used to get all the time. So what would have cost a trip to the pharmacy and $6 or $7 is now going to cost well over $100 for the doc visit and I am sure a lot more for the meds. And what is going to happen then, HIGHER INSURANCE PREMIUMS! I work in HR, I have negotiated these contracts and it is getting ridiculous! If this is not happening in your state, it soon will.

You know, the older I get the more irritated I am getting with government officials. I am about to become a big thorn in the sides of our duly elected officials. They have forgotten who put them in office and that they are there to be a CIVIL SERVANT! I am gonna become one of those people who call, write, gripe and moan about these policies (daily if necessary). If its the squeaky wheel that gets the grease, then I am about to start squeaking.

Cheeky - who is now stepping off her soapbox and is about to start squeaking!

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