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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Its Country Time on AI

Ok I am from the south - I was born and raised singing country songs (but I grew out of it as a teenager). So I was concerned about this week from the beginning.

First of all, Ryan meet Gillette, Gillette meet Ryan. Dude, you didn't stand close enough to the razor today. OK, now on to the music.

Taylor (sang John Denver's Take me Home Country Road) Good effort here but this is not your genre. I did like this song choice for you. Had a little issue with your stage performance, you were a little too reserved. I agree with Simon on this one, it was a safe choice for you (not so sure about the boring and lazy part). I still love ya though.

Mandisa (sang Shania Twain's Any man of mine) Good song choice - bad wardrobe selection. Now honey, I am not skinny by any means so I can speak here - honey horizontal stripes are not for you. You sang OK and it looks like you were having fun. I agree with Paula, you do have a good voice. I think you are safe this week.

Elliott (sang Garth Brooks If Tomorrow Never Comes) Sorry Patti - I just can't get into him. He was definitely struggling to keep it simple. Kenny's comments about the lyrics tell the story was right on. Totally disagree with Randy on this. Agree with Simon song choice was ok but he was definitely nervous.

Paris (sang Trisha Yearwood's How do I live) By far the best performance at this point in the show. Excellent song choice and great vocals. Paris you did us proud but girl that talking voice is killing me.

Ace (sang Keith Urban's Tonight I wanna cry) Still trying for the sexy sultry performance aren't ya? Vocals were off. Dude once again you should be in the bottom three. You might be drunk enough to let go of your pride but I am not drunk enough to enjoy that performance. Agree with Randy BORING. Paula, you just have the hots for him. Disagree with Simon. And Ryan who cares if he is single?

Kellie Pickler (sang Reba McEntire's Fancy) You are a ditzy blonde! (and I can say that because I am blonde too). Girl you have got that southern twang and I love it (I miss hearing it everyday except in my own house). You did Reba justice!

Chris (sang Keith Urban's Memories of Us) Dude go on with your bad self! You are from NC and you know how to sing that country music. Still my #1 pick and the beard looks good on you not Ryan!

Katharine (sang somebody's Bringing out the Elvis in me - never heard this song before) umm it was OK I kinda sorta liked the voice tonight but I don't like your personality and I have a hard time getting past that each week. Agree with Simon it was peculiar.

Bucky (sang Gary Allen's Best I ever had) Well Dude you are in your element tonight. Not sure this was the greatest song choice for you but you did OK and it got better as the song went on. I like you Bucky, I do, but I am afraid your days are numbered my friend.

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