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Monday, April 10, 2006

Willie - you gave us a scare

Let me tell you about my sweet little doggie - Willie. Willie was my first child. I rescued him from the humane society in September of 1991. What a sweet little baby he was - he basically picked me out and once I held him he was not about to go back into that cage.

Willie has been with me through thick and thin. He has licked my tears, snuggled me when I needed, helped to raise my kids. He is always by my side and is sooooo loving. He has his ailments. He has arthritis from mid spine all the way through his hind legs. He has cataracts, he can't hear well and he only has 5 teeth left due to a major infection last fall. I knew this move was not going to be good for him.

Well, this weekend, my 14 1/2 year old darling Willie gave me a scare. He hasn't been eating and he has been peeing on himself in his sleep. I just knew his time was coming. I scooped him up and after a bath off to the vet we go. His heart is still strong (whew), his bloodwork was ok except for high calcium (could be a fluke or tumors - not sure at this point). He is probably at the beginning stages of kidney disease (hence the peeing) and is getting another infection in his mouth.

We have him on antibiotics for the infection and another med for the incontinence (it will either work right away or not at all). Since he has been on his meds he seems to be doing better.

I know his time is coming soon but I can't face it just yet. Willie is my baby.

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