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Monday, April 17, 2006


I am here!! Woohooo!! That is right my blogging friends. I have escaped from (say it with me) Minnefreakinsota!(Tiff that was for you). If only for a little while. I have spent my day today holding and loving on little Duncan! Now I have to go find a cranky two year old real quick to get rid of the itch of having another little one!

Tonight, Kirsten, Misty and I are headed out to LaHacinda! Yes, its a mexican joint and YES, its wonderful and YES, I will probably eat too much and YES, I will be having some margaritas!!!

I hope every one had a wonderful Easter holiday. After arriving in Charlotte at 9:30am I drove up to see Mom and Dad and my sister and her family and YES, I ate to much (this will be the theme for the week - Yes, I ate too much). After spending the day there I drove my happy self down to Charleston with the window down and the music blaring on the radio. It was great!

I didn't sleep very well last night. I think I was over tired and then the excitement of being here. Perhaps a nap on the beach is in order :)

Cheeky - who's first thought off the plane was - damn its hot!

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