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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Charleston Bound

Oh yeah - that's right - I am heading to Charleston this weekend for a week of sun! Plus the best part is I finally get to hold Mommy K's new baby Duncan! (so yes, pictures will be coming).

I have lots to do before then. Saturday I am going to see the Twins play the Yankees (remember the fund raiser for the teenage daughter's ball team? - I got stuck buying the tickets). This is a night game and doesn't start until 6pm with tailgating before the game (we have to educate these northerners on how to do it right!). So I am sure I am not going to get home until really really late. My flight leaves at 6am on Sunday so yeah - I am gonna be sleeping on the plane.

I have a layover in Charlotte so I am just going to get off the plane there and visit with Mommy and Daddy for Easter (why didn't I just buy a ticket there? cause it was way cheaper to buy it to Myrtle Beach instead of Charleston or Charlotte - you know the airlines - they are twisted). So I will be haning out with the parents and my sister and her family. Then sometime late Sunday I am going to be driving my happy booty to Charleston (only a 3 hr drive)!

I am soooo excited!!!

On a side note: Bucky, Dude I knew you wouldn't make it to the end but I didn't think this was your week to go. It should have been Ace - Bucky you were robbed!

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