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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Useless Stuff About the Cheekster...

Thanks to EA - UPDATED: Cheeky, pay back is a bitch and so am I!! LOL!! Consider yourself officially tagged!! Hope ya play!

I am gonna share unknown yet interesting things about yours truly (can we say TMI?).

#1 - I have multiple personalities - ok just kidding but many days its seems that way.

#2 - I too have joined the cult that is scrapbooking! I am even adding a blog to share my creations (but its still in the beginning stages). Oh and incase you didn't know - this weekend is National Scrapbooking Day!

#3 - I am not now, nor have I ever been Super Mom - (shhh don't tell my kids - they, and their friends, think I am pretty cool and we need to keep it that way).

#4 - I have tons of useless trivia rattling around in this brain - songs, movies, anything pop culture and because of this no one will play ,Scene It with me (except my new friend Steph - and she is a challenge).

#5 - I have always liked all kinds of music. Growing up I was forced to listen to the 50's and 60's stuff on Saturday mornings as we cleaned the house (thanks Mom). If we were in the car it was country (thanks Dad) - and then I have my own - so yeah, I can sing it all. Oh and incase you are wondering - I am brainwashing my children with all things 80's (and its working).

#6 - I was the one in middle school that "blossomed" first (we are talking a "b" cup in the 7th grade) so yeah, I had lots of friends that were guys!

#7 - I met my hubby in the 7th grade at a water saftey course for school (hmm thinking about my #6 item - now I know why he was talking to me...haha) We were together off and on until November in the 10th grade and he's been around ever since.

#8 - I was always the "smart" one in the family until my neice came along. She has such potential - I hope she uses it!

#9 - I sing out loud - all the time. In the car, in the house, while I am working. And I don't care if it sounds good - I am gonna do it anyway.

#10 - I have been corresponding with Angry Dad for about 10 years (OMG has it been that long?). He is one of the first people I met on the net back in the days of dial up 14.4K modems and pre-yahoo messenger (we used a program called pow-wow which is now defunct).

#11 - I can still remember exact details on the day of 9-11-2001. What I was doing, what the weather was, the thoughts I had just prior to watching it unfold. Everything!

#12 - I am a big kid - I can be so immature :)

#13 - I think movies like Undercover Brother, White Chicks, Malibu's Most Wanted are Hilarious! (but I think Napoleon Dyanamite is too - my cat is named Lafawnduh for crying out loud!)

#14 - I am a southern girl but I tend to pick up the dialect of the area that I live in (but send me back home and the twang comes out!)

#15 - I am great at staying in touch with old friends - unfortunately, they aren't so good and I get my feelings hurt a lot.

#16 - I am emotionally sensitive - no one cries alone in my presence. I go out of my way for other people and I will take a lot of crap - but when I am done - look out - cause I can be nasty too (but then feel completely guilty about it). My little man child has inherited this from me - not the crying part but the going the extra mile for others. He is very considerate for a 7 year old.

#17 - I love my daughter's friends - they are fun and goofy and I miss the one's from SC!

#18 - Some days - all I can do is procrastinate.......but I will tell you more about that later.

#19 - I have a thing about feet - they have to be pedicured before putting them in sandals - and can I just say that I had a pedicure 3 weeks ago before going to SC and my toes still look fabulous! - now that is a good pedicure!

#20 - I love fresh cut flowers (even bought myself some this past weekend).

#21 - I am a horribile home decorator - thank goodness for friends with taste.

#22 - I have the greatest kids, they are completely goofy and keep me laughing (and I of course give them many giggly eye rolling moments too).

#23 - I love love love goofy and funky pens - I have every color imaginable and if I find a new style or color I have to have it.

#24 - Two words - Bon Jovi!

#25 - I love drinks made with Kahluha - yum!

OK EA - is that enough for ya? Oh and just one more thing.....I sailed away to China, in a little row boat to find ya, and you said you had to get your laundry clean....(oh I crack myself up!)

Patti, Angry Dad - you are being tagged!

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