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Monday, May 01, 2006

Its a Love/Hate thing

In December of this year, before moving to (say it with me) Minnefreakinsota, I bought myself a little gift - a new laptop all my own. The reason for this purchase was so I could continue working with my old company (for as long as I can). I thought having my own laptop would be better than using one of the home PC's. I had everything from work transferred onto this system so I didn't have to recreate the wheel (which is a good thing). Also, I would still be able to work when I traveled. So now, I have my own little toy - and no one has access to it but me (so I am the only one that can screw it up).

So, last week when I was in Charleston, I stopped by my old office and the resident IT guru (whom I completely trust by the way), updated my system and added some new things for work - yada yada yada. It tested fine. I really didn't get to use it very much until I returned home after my trip (OMG did I just call MN home? Umm did somebody spike my coffee this morning?). So, Thursday I am back to the usual routine and working as normal but I noticed something odd - everytime I closed my laptop to go to standby mode and reopened I would get the BSOD (for you non geeks out there that would be the Blue Screen of Death). Hmmmm, that is odd I thought, but I was so busy trying to catch up on hundreds of emails, rescheduling interviews, etc. that I decided it wasn't extremely major and I would deal with it later. So, Friday night I decided it was time to start working on the problem. I sent the error to Windows and followed the instructions. This is a common problem from what I read and all I needed to do was install a driver - ok, easy enough, I can do that. Ummmm NOPE. Didn't work. After trying all kinds of crap, I was getting frustrated and decided to email my IT guru (cause he was working Sat AM) and see what he had to say.

Saturday morning, I am working on the problem again and my IT guru is a huge help. BUT then we hit a snag and he said I should call IBM (perhaps he was just tired of me bugging him on Saturday - which I can't blame him - really its hard to do this kind of thing over the phone - he was cool and said I could ship it to him and he would fix it and send it back - I decided I would do that as a last resort). Anywho....I decided I would just deal with it Monday.

Monday morning, I get up at the buttcrack of dawn and start working on the problem again. On the phone with IBM for hours - intall this, do this, blah blah blah. Long story short the hibernation issue is fixed but now my wireless is screwed up. So, I had to drag all my work crap downstairs so I could plug in and at least get something done today. If this is any indication of how my week is going to go I am in big trouble.

Cheeky - who had something completely different to blog about today but needed to vent and hopes this issue gets resolved soon or else she is gonna chug this thing out the window.

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