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Friday, April 28, 2006

SPF - Its how you look at it

Its that time again and Kristine has given us another assignment (and now that I finally have a new camera (WooHoo) I can play):

1. Something Big

2. Something Small

3. Half of Something

Remember, PERSPECTIVE. It may be small to you, but get on the floor and take the picture and see how big it looks. GET CREATIVE!! Think outside the house box.
Half of something can be taken ANY way. Actually, all of these can be taken any way you want.

OK kiddies - here we go - something Big.....I could have gone soooo many ways with this, so many ways but decided its Friday no need to depress myself with pictures of my big bootay so I went with this instead....This is one massive decorative oil thingy for the kitchen. I have them all over the place but this one is just huge.

Something Small.....well this actually goes under big and small....this is my little best friends hug and was given to me by someone very close to my heart. It may be just a little thing but it warms my heart in a very big way.

Something Half.....this is my half of a bottle of anti-bacterial gentle foaming hand wash in sun rippened raspberry from Bath and Body works - one of the few scents that doesn't give me a headache and they haven't discontinued (but give them time - they always discontinue the scents I like).

But I just had to also show another half this morning - this is my half a pot of coffee (wanna guess where the other half is??) oh and Yep its starting to kick in...

So there it is....Cheeky's return to SPF (and its about damn time I must say)....did ya play? If ya did let me know....I will come check it out!

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