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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #$(^%&^!

For this weeks Thursday Thirteen, I have decided to share the things we say around the house instead of swearing or using "undesirable language" (because I can't do anything that would shatter their image of Mom - yeah right).

All of these words are not necessarily "mean" or angry in nature but rather our own little good natured take on the english language (remember that we are a bunch of immature people in this house).

1. Crap! (this is a staple word around our house - What the crap!, Well crap!, That's a load of crap!, This piece of crap!, and my personal favorite - well crap a maggot - don't ask how we come up with this crap - we just do)

2. Dangit! (and Dangits brother darnit, and their cousins Dang and Darn - used commonly but not nearly as crappin' much as crap).

3. Oh for crying out loud - ok this is more a phrase than a word and yes it shows my southerness (but I don't give a crap) it serves its purpose.

4. Cracker! (or crackhead - these can also be used as terms of indearment - just depends on the tone of voice).

5. Tick! as in ticked off! as in you don't want to tick me off (cause I might scare the crap out of ya)

6. Well, son of a ..... and where the ... is you just kind of let the phrase hang there without saying anything. Makes people wonder what the crap you were gonna say.

7. Shoot - however, I live with a bunch of clever smart elects so when I say shoot inevitably someone in the house will yell Bang! Ain't that some crap?

8. Shut hush! This one needs some explanation - in my house, when the kids were little, shut up was a bad word. It was extrememly disrespectful to hear a little 2 or 3 year old to say that and I didn't like it and decided it was not allowed and what Mom says - goes. Well, one day when my little man child was about 3 or so, he was yelling at the dog and telling him to shut up and no sooner than the word shut came out of his mouth he saw me standing there and he caught himself and said hush (the acceptable term for telling someone to shut the crap up). So now instead of saying shut up he will say shut hush - its goofy and means the same thing - but I think its funny.

9. Bootie (or Bootay if you prefer) as in I am gonna pinch your little bootie.

10. Flippin or Freakin - you know what I am saying here - do I really need to explain that crap??

11. Aww sooky sooky now....I don't know what the crap this means but its funny.

12. I've been bamboozeled! (originated by Richard Hatch from Survivor when he was getting voted off on the all stars episode.)

13. Your motor's running - originated with the kitty and when she purrs it sounds like a motor is running. Now of course this can be taken in other ways but if you can't figure it out - I am not crappin' tellin ya.

There it is - our little modification of the English language. Did you play?

Cheeky - who wonders what song she can quote to make EA sing it all day....LOL

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