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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Update on having more healthy habits

If you will remember, I finally made the decision last week to become healthier. Last weeks goal was to begin drinking more water during the day. The first day was hard, I had to push my self to drink more and fought the urge to get that glass of sweet tea. As the days passed it became easier and I found myself refilling my glass regularly. As of yesterday, I had well over 8 glasses of water throughout the day. I am not chugging it, just keeping my glass beside me with my silly straw (I told ya I am a big kid) and sip it all day long. So I think I have done pretty well on that goal.

This weeks goal is to continue with the water (duh!)and incorporate healthier food choices and move that bootay (I like to move it move it). I was doing some of this last week as well but I want to take it to the next step this week. Veggies, lots and lots of fresh veggies (steamed of course). Now, you must understand that I am a big time carnivore and I love my big fat honkin ribeye steaks. Instead of eating the whole thing, I am only going to eat half - which is still a big honker of a steak! I like chicken but I am bored with it these days. I still love me some southern fried chicken legs and thighs but I haven't actually made that in at least a year so I am not feeling the pain of giving that up. Although, I am having the urge for sweets - Its more of a mind game really. Its not something I sit around and eat all the time anyway but as soon as I decided to be healthier I have had a serious sweet tooth.

I started out moving my bootay last evening before the rain hit. Walked to the playground, played some tennis with the family (now that was a sight to behold), and walked back. My neighbor and I are going to start walking daily (hopefully in the mornings).

So there it is, my update. Not a huge change but in the words of ,Dr. Marvin - baby steps Bob, baby steps. I don't want to shock my system but rather kind of sneak it in there!

Oh and its AI night! Stay tuned for tomorrow's recap!

Cheeky - who is loading up the MP3 player for when she walks with songs like ....little ditty 'bout Jack and Diane, two American kids growing up in the heartland.....

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