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Friday, May 05, 2006

It's SPF on Stinko de Mayo (see previous post for explanation)

Yes, its that time again, the lovely Kristine wants to see our stuff and is making us all have to think and be creative. Its been a loooooong week - how can I be creative? So here we go.....

Body of Water - think big or's up to you

This very uncreative picture is of my glass of water. Since I have turned over a new leaf (uh, yeah, right) I am trying to drink more of these. This is glass #3 for the day (aren't ya proud of me?)

Something with Flavor - yes, another wide open one

Ahhh yes, there it is my friends. Texas Pete! You can't get it in (say it with me) Minnefreakinsota so every time I go home I pick up several bottles to bring back. This bottle will last just 2-3 weeks. Everyone in the house loves it - even the 7 year old man child. Tabasco has nothing on this stuff my friends - very tasty indeed!

Plant your Ass - where you park it

Well, since my computer is giving me fits - this is where I have been parking it all week because I need to be "plugged in" instead of working wireless. All my crap is laying on the coffee table - see honey, I really do work during the day.

So there it is my friend's - my submission for SPF. Did ya play? Tell me cause I wanna see!

Cheeky - who thinks its never too early for Margaritas on Stinko de Mayo!

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