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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Made it back......and brought the heat with me

I have made it back to Minnefreakinsota. Mommy K, Baby Duncan and I got back around ummmm 5ish central time yesterday.

Had a GREAT GREAT GREAT time but I will be writing a few "letters" once I am settled in. Let me explain......first of all, I went to the KISS Coffeehouse in Myrtle Beach on Sunday! I was all stoked about going and was prepared to spend some serious moolah in this joint. But.....every thing was sold out! Excuse me? Hello? Gene, your suppliers are not doing their job. So, the only think I could buy was some coffee (duh!) which I had this morning and it is FABULOUS! And I have some pics to share soon. They had the coolest bathroom I have ever seen! Seriously, even the toilet paper was cool (and yes I took a picture of that too). So, I am gonna send Gene a letter telling him I came all the way from Minnefreakinsota just to visit his place and well, because they could not keep it supplied properly he didn't get as much of my money as he could have (think I will get anything "special" out of my letter writing campaign? - I won't tell him I already bought stuff from the website...hehe).

The second letter I will be writing will be to Delta Air Lines because they employ the nastiest biotches on the planet to work as their air waitresses (now if you are a flight attendant, I am sure you are a good one and no disrespect to you, but in this case this old bat was an air waitress). She was even nasty to the second flight attendant (and she wasn't happy about it either). Sweetie if you don't like your job - do us all a favor and quit mmmmkay??

My third letter will be to the airport in Minnefreakinsota. We were off the plane and sitting in baggage claim for over an hour waiting for the little monitor to show us which carousel our bags were on. Only after walking up and down the claim area did we see that they were pushed to a corner waiting for us. Umm hello, I would have taken them a loooong time ago (oh and the monitor STILL didn't show where they were). People, I worked at an airport for over 3 years - its not that hard.

I haven't decided when I start putting pen to paper if I am going to complain about the service at the restaurant at the airport in hotlanta. Quite frankly, I really don't think they give a rip!

But really, I did have a FABULOUS time! I ate tons of GREAT food (and I only gained 2 pounds - not bad for someone who didn't exercise while on vacation like she should have). Got to do some things I always said I was gonna do, ran out of time for others (hmmm I guess I need another trip down in a few weeks huh?). I bought some really cool stuff too (cause its my birthday week and its all about me! B... I hope you laughed when you read that...hehe).

So now I am off to catch up on the blogs and I hear its time for another round of the RFS Blog Awards- woot woot!

Cheeky - who wonders - if she will get nominated for the RFS awards and IF she does, will it be for the category of the blogger who most secretly wants to be an Elvis impersonator, or perhaps Blog Queen '06!

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