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Monday, June 26, 2006

Where was Cheeky Friday? and Weekend Update!

I need to whine about Friday but I am going to try and be as vague as possible. Generally, I like this person that frustrated me so much its just this person's working style that drives me NUTS!. I don't want to spin myself up again (or bore you too much) so I will try to make this brief.

Late during the work day on Thursday (like 6ish) this person called me in a panic. Information was due the following day and this person had completely forgotten about it. The information was due at 9 am Friday morning. Now, all of my information was in there - this person just needed to use a simple formula to gather and report (no big deal).

I got up at 5:30 to go back through and make sure everything was ready for this person (instead of working out) because I am just nice like that (a serious fault of mine). This person calls me at 6 and it goes on from there. I am preparing for a 10am meeting and this person keeps calling and interrupting me. So I am not prepared for the meeting like I should be.

After this person completes the information, I ask to get a copy (I ask several times during the day). I have a report due at 5 and needed the information. It is now 4:45 and still no information. I email our boss saying "I know so and so is really busy can you forward it to me" (I could have slammed her but I didn't - I was nice). I get the info and it is WRONG WRONG WRONG! I knew as soon as I saw it that it was wrong. Most of my work had been cut out. The information was there this persons formulas were wrong. I immediately get back on the phone to work it out which makes MY report late, and our bosses report WRONG. So I stay on the phone with this person to get it worked out the way it should have been that morning. It was very frustrating. It would be ok if it only happened once in a while - but this person does this sort of thing all the time. So, now because this person can't do it right quarterly, this person gets to do it every freakin week!!! Which means this person will be calling me and ruining my Fridays Every Freakin Week!!

By the end of the day, I just needed a drink! We had a BBQ to go to down in St. Paul at a friend's house and even though I was really tired and irritated I went. I am glad I did - we had a great time! Got home around 1am (its a long drive to St. Paul).

Saturday - slept in a little. It's OFFICIAL - 20 lbs!!!! (woohoo - happy dance happy dance) Did some ebay. Got groceries for the week (because the kids can eat you out of house and home). Big storms formed all around us and then collapsed down in our area - the clouds were really cool! Had a run in with some neighbors down the street (more on that later - but all I have to say now is - don't mess with a red necks from the south - we have our ways of revenge). Went for my long power walk. Then just vegged out and watched a scary movie on HBO.

Sunday - slept in again (wow 2 days in a row). Again, generally lazy in the morning. Did some more ebay stuff. Mr. Cheeky went fishing with some friends, the kids went bowling with the neighbors and I stayed home with my CD's and scrap booked (and got several pages done - I am so proud...hehe). Skipped the walk but will have to make up for it today.

Today....lots of things to do for work but hopefully not as bad as Friday. Slept really good last night and I am in a rockin mood this morning. I think I am in the mood for a little ....Huey Lewis and the News!

Cheeky who is singing......They say the heart of rock and roll is still beatin
And from what I've seen I believe 'em, Now the old boy may be barely breathing
But the heart of rock and roll is still beatin....

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