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Monday, June 12, 2006

Weekend Update......Cheeky taking it to the HNL (read post of explanation)

Well lets see.....What did I do this weekend??? Hmmm a whole lot of nothing! Well I did do some things but only if I wanted to (hehe).

Had a wonderful dinner Friday night. Stayed up really late and watched Candyman for like the 100th time (it was on cable). Candyman....candyman...candyman....opps better stop hehe.

Slept in Saturday morning and that was really really nice. Not that I had the opportunity to sleep in but I was able to sleep in. That my friends is a wonderful thing. Got up, had breakfast with the family. Spent a while uploading pics from Memorial weekend to Target so I could just go pick them up instead of going and standing in line..blah blah blah. My intent was to get them and do a lot of scrapbooking. Ran some errands, dropped the teenage daughter off at a party, picked up my pics and headed home. Spent a couple of hours cropping them and getting them ready for the pages. Made dinner (I love my spaghetti) and then took the little man child to see Cars. It was really cute. Much better than I thought it would be. Came home and basically just vegged on the couch. Watched Mad TV. I *heart* Mad TV. It cracks me up. It was a repeat episode with Jeff Probst guest starring. At one point there is this guy talking to him about being a "star" and he keeps saying "HNL". Jeff asked what that meant and the guy replied - taking it to a "Ho Nubber Level" - that cracked me up (guess you had to see the show) and for the rest of the weekend I was going around saying "Ooohhh that's the HNL" or "You be takin it to the HNL" or something like that....yeah I know...go can say goofy...but I don't care.....I like to entertain myself!

Sunday, tried to sleep in again but that didn't work. Had breakfast and then did a whole bunch (I mean a whole bunch) of eBay stuff. I created new listings. I packaged a bunch of stuff and got it ready for shipping. I watched with excitement as a batch of listings ended and then sent out invoices. I uploaded a new batch of listings. Finally it was decided that there has to be a better way, and yep, I was right, there was. I went to the local office supply place and bought a postal scale and label printer. Now, when I package items, I can weigh them and then do the postage all at one time. No more hand writing the address. No more running to the post office every day because they will come to my house to pick it up. No more huge post office receipts because its all done through paypal and has (ready for this) FREE tracking. So no more of people telling me they didn't get something. OH and when I print the label, paypal automatically emails the buyer and tells them the item has shipped - so no more of anyone emailing and saying "when did you ship that item?". I know, it sounds trivial but I was really happy to get my new toys and it is really going to save me a lot of time.

Sunday evening went for a looooooong walk (at a brisk pace I might add). I was bad this weekend in the food department. So I will be surprised if I haven't gained a pound or two back when I weigh in tomorrow. Friday dinner - a big honkin steak. It had been a while since I had one and usually I will eat only half - ummmmm not this time (it was just sooooo good). Saturday dinner - Spaghetti. I can make some mean spaghetti sauce and yeah, my serving was a little bigger than it should have been. Sunday - not quite as bad - I had garlic and red pepper shrimp with sour slaw (and if you have never had this you are missing out big time), hush puppies (its a southern thing), a few fries. The shrimp and slaw isn't that bad but it was more of a quantity thing. So its back to being good this week. I have lots of fresh fruit and veggies in the house so it shouldn't be hard. I don't mind being bad on some meals I just have to remember not to do it the entire weekend....hehe.

I have a busy week planned so I am sure this week will fly by.

Cheeky - who is singing...Grab your coat and wave goodbye to your friends, I wanna take you where the night never ends, I feel the need to sweep you off your feet...You and me, we should be dancin' in the sheets....Yeah, It's a Footloose Soundtrack day!

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