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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Thursday Thirteen - Time to suck up!

It has been a bit of a tough week here at the Cheeky homestead and well I think that there needs to be a little sucking up. After all, who wouldn't want to be in Cheeky's good graces??? So this week's Thursday Thirteen....Thirteen ways to suck up to Cheeky....

#1 - Go out of your way to say something nice about Cheeky. What's that you say? I look particularly bubbly (pretty, lovely, insert something good here) today? Why Thank you....

#2 - Treat Cheeky to a day at the spa. What's that you say? I have been working to hard and I need to take some time for me?

#3 - Make Cheeky a fabulous seafood dinner just because you know she is going through withdrawals. Oh! What's this? You made lobster just for me?

#4 - Cart rest of the family out of the house on a weekend day so I can spend some time paying attention to her addiction - scrapbooking. Oh! Ya'll are heading out on a day trip so I can finally get all those photos in an nice.

#5 - Hire someone to come and do a serious deep clean on the house. Who's this at my door? Stanley Steamer to come and do my carpets (or another company to do the hardwoods) and Merry Maids to deep clean? Oh, you shouldn't have! (read: yes you should).

#6 - Take Cheeky to Vegas! What's that? A plane ticket? My bags are already packed and there is a car at the door?

#7 - Do something without being asked to do it (this one sorta goes for the kiddos). Oh, you already took the trash out by the road? Wow! (read: how much $$ do you want and where do you want to go?)

#8 - Let Cheeky watch her movie instead of the game (and join her while she watches). Oh! Do I want some popcorn? Air popped instead of that microwave stuff?

#9 - Relieve Cheeky of her taxi duties for the week. Oh! You are going to take the kids here and pick them up there?

#10 - Show up with flowers because you know that I like them around the house. - Oh! What a beautiful bouquet of freshly cut tulips (or flower of the season). You shouldn't have (read: yes you should).

#11 - Tell Cheeky how proud you are of her for being more healthy and losing 14 pounds instead of saying "well if you did this it would happen faster"....

#12 - Send Cheeky a (funny, sweet, romantic, etc) card in the mail so she has something for her that isn't an invoice waiting to be paid. Oh what's that colorful envelope in the mailbox?

#13 - Give Cheeky a gift - when all else fails - Rubies and Diamonds make everything better!!

Cheeky - who is singing.....A kiss on the hand might be quite continental but diamonds are a girl's best friend!

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