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Monday, June 05, 2006

Number 99....

Tomorrow is my 100th post (I thought it was going to be today but there is a "draft" that was never published so this one is officially 99). I was thinking over the weekend about what I could do in honor of my 100th post. And while I am still contemplating exactly what I am going to do...I thought I would incorporate info about the Cheekster. So here is your chance....ask me anything you want and all will be revealed tomorrow.

OK on to the weekend events....

Friday night the teenage daughter made me proud - I never knew that I could enjoy being wrong so much. Let me give you the scenario. A friend comes home with the teenage daughter from school. She immediately starts doing her chores without being told (yeah, she wants something). After all was done, she asked me if I would take them to go play putt putt and then could she stay the night with her friend. Umm sure, its Friday why not. So she packs and then starts getting ready for putt putt - (you know teenagers, they can't even go outside to check the mail unless everything is in place). So its almost 7 and I take them to the friend's house to drop off their stuff and then on to the putt putt place. I had some errands to run and then I got this strange feeling (I have learned to listen to this instinct)....something wasn't right. I got the feeling that the teenage daughter was trying to pull a fast one but I had no proof and she hasn't really done that before but still there was this feeling. So, on my way back home I drove past the putt putt place and she and her friend were there having a good time. Whew. Fast forward a few hours. Her dad is trying to call her on the cell phone and she isn't answering - as a matter of fact, she has it turned off. Ummm interesting. He of course starts thinking the worst and because I had that "feeling" I was concerned too. It was 9p and they should be back at the friend's house by now. I called - the Mom was out to pick them up. OK, good. But no sooner than I hang up the phone and walk downstairs, the phone is ringing...its the teenage daughter. Hmm that is a little suspicious. How did she know to call. Who called and told them to call me? What number was she reached at since she didn't have her cell on? There were a few too many unanswered questions, I told her she was coming home - now. She gets here and the friend's mom comes in and explains that after putt putt they went to dairy queen and then walked with some other friends to their house. The friend's mom was fully aware of what was going on. I am totally cool with that. I did however still have a problem with her cell phone and the battery conveniently being dead (this happens all the time - it happens again, the phone is gone - permanently). The other mom was really great and knew exactly what we were feeling which is why she felt the need to explain.
It all worked out - the teenage daughter did spend the night with her friend and all is well this time (I really like being wrong in these situations - score one for the daugther!).

Saturday - lots of errands then late in the day we headed out to the lake for a little while. Had a great time. Stopped by Dairy Queen on the way home. I *heart* Dairy Queen.

Sunday - Went to see the X-Men movie - LOVED IT! I saw an interview with Hugh Jackman (Wolverine) on Friday and he was very adamant about saying this was the last movie. Now, I am not going to give anything away BUT - it is left WIDE OPEN for another one. I hope they do make one - I really love these movies. Got home and made an early dinner and then everyone left to go out to the races. I stayed home and enjoyed the quiet and got all of my paperwork printed out for today's interviews.

Got up this morning and it was time to step on the scales again. I only do this once a week. Last week I neither lost nor gained which I thought was really good considering the crap I ate over the holiday weekend. Today was the moment of truth and I have to say I am still very very pleased. As of this morning I have officially lost 14 pounds!!!! It has been several weeks (still averaging about 3 pounds a week) but its due to my choices. I am not denying myself. I just try to keep it in moderation as much as possible. Seeing myself still losing a couple of pounds a week is great motivation to keep up the healthier choices. And when I do get those cravings, I reach for the healthier item. I still really haven't incorporated exercise and I know that I am going to have to do it eventually when I hit a plateau. And I will.

Wow, this turned out to be a pretty long post.

Cheeky - who, despite the big thunderstorms this morning is singing...."I'm walking on sunshine...yeah...I'm walking on sunshine.....

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