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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Did ya miss me???

I am still recovering from the long weekend. I was just completely exhausted yesterday and it was all I could do to get through the day.

First - I need to vent. I went last Friday to get my hair cut and colored. I was going out on a limb going to someone new and trying something new at the same time. I didn't trust this person yet so I didn't go with a drastic cut (I can only do that when I trust someone) but I was going with a change in color. I am not particularly happy.....especially for the moolah that I laid down for judge for yourself....which is the before and which is the after? Can you tell?



I asked for some red (not Annie red) and I wanted some pretty serious definition. Umm do you see red??? Maybe she was going easy because she didn't know me. Maybe this is her best work (which would be scary as hell). At least the cut is not really bad but come on....I wanted some COLOR! (now watch the next time I will be whining because I will be looking like Annie...haha). Blogger is being a pain in the butt however, I managed to get these two photos in before it decided that I didn't need to post anymore pics.

OK, on to things that are more fun. Over the holiday weekend, we headed out to William O'Brien state park (close to WI). It was great fun. However, I must have brought the heat with me from SC because we had record setting heat over the weekend. I met one of my friend's cousins and her family from Milwaulkie and they are really great people. Its a shame that they live so far away. I hope that we will be doing things as a group again.

The teenage daughter also brought along a friend - she is just as goofy as her friends in SC (and I mean that in a loving way....but are still #1 in my heart of the teenage daughter's friends). I would post some pics but blogger is being a @#$#% right now....will have to post them later.

Cheeky - who is still recovering from the weekend.

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