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Monday, May 22, 2006

Random Stuff

First of all, thanks for all the get well wishes. they have worked. I am not 100% yet but at least that damn sinus headache is gone. My throat is still a little scratchy and sinuses are a little stuffy but nothing I can't deal with.

As some of you know, I sell scrapbooking things on eBay and have been selling the same kind of things for almost a year now. Friday afternoon I listed about 30 items. Then, about 2 hours later I checked to see how they were going and I get a notification that one of the items I listed had been removed by eBay for Trademark Infringement...excuse me? I have been listing this same type of items for at least 8 months, I write my own ad, take my own pictures - what do you mean trademark infringement. So, I email eBay right away to figure out what the hell is going on because they did not give me any info other than some vague canned answer and to tell me that I need to contact the company making the claim (which by the way, I have never heard of). So, I do and then I get some form letter back telling me that the term "corner rounder" belongs to them. Ummm how in the hell do describe a corner rounder other than to call it a corner rounder? It is a Creative Memories product (not this company) and it is called a Corner Rounder!!! So, now I am going round and round with some lawyer so I can get "his" permission to list these items. Like I need this frustration.

The weekend was pretty good. The teenage daughter had her final softball games in a tournament on Saturday - unfortunately they lost. The games were good but midway through the first one, the sun went in, the temp dropped, the wind started whipping and then the cold rain started. After sitting in two games with this, I was feeling pretty miserable (since I was still sick anyway), and had to go sit in the car for the remaining game - its sucked having to do that but I didn't need to get worse.

Yesterday, the men folk went fishing so the teenage daughter and I went to see The DaVinci Code. I can understand why the reviews aren't good. If you had not read the book, then you lose a lot in the movie which is usually the case but it is really apparent in this one. The movie tried to stay as true to the book as it could but there is just so much there you can't get everything. I was whispering in the teenage daughter's ear for most of the movie filling her in on the things they left out so she would understand - she is going to read the book (she is reading Angels and Demons now). Tom Hanks was good but the movie was not about him, its about the story and so he did not have the depth of character that he usually shows in movies (but I think that is on purpose). Overall, I enjoyed the movie and would like to see it again. I also saw a trailer for a new M. Night Shaylaman movie coming out soon. That looks good - I really enjoy his movies. I should probably start reading his books too.

Later in the evening, we went shopping at Target and bought a few things. Then out to try a new mexican restaurant. It was YUMMY and reminded me of La Hacienda back home. I will definitely be going back there!

Today, I am feeling really good and have a lot of energy so I hope to get a lot done today.

Cheeky - who wonders what song she can put on to sing today as she works.

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