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Friday, May 26, 2006


Yes, its that time again, the lovely Kristine wants to see our stuff. This week's theme is inspired by the recent Oprah episode where she went with Elie Wiesel to Auschwitz. This week we have to show: #1 Our suitcase/travel bag, #2 Our ground, #3 Something we are powerless to. (and its only as hard as we make it).

#1 - My suitcase/travel bag....

This suitcase was given to me when I worked at the airport in Jacksonville, FL. I had just been promoted to a travel position and one of the Delta agents gave me this bag since I was going to be doing a lot of travel - it fits perfectly into the overhead bins. As you can see, it is well used and if you look closely - it still has the tag from my last trip to Charleston.

This bag also goes with me when I travel. I use it as my "purse" because it is big and will hold a lot of items that I want to carry on (book, bottled water, etc). I love this bag but it has definately seen better days.

#2 - My ground - this would be my kids - when everything is going wrong it is my kids that keep me grounded. And on the other hand, when I go a little "crazy" they can bring you back to reality ( case I haven't told ya - I live with smart elects).

#3 - What I am powerless to - The Internet

Because I work from home - my only to effectively distribute information is via internet - which is being a pain in the butt these days - but that is a gripe for another day.

Once I began thinking about it, this week's theme wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. Did ya play? I wanna see.....

Cheeky - who is taking a chance and getting her hair "done" today.....details to follow!

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