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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Celebrate Good Times - Come On! The 100th Post

In honor of my 100th post I thought I would give you 100 facts about the Cheekster!

1. I am a serious goofball.
2. I miss roadrunner cartoons on Saturday mornings.
3. I am in desperate need of a mani/pedi (I think I will treat myself today)
4. I am a better friend to some people than they are to me.
5. I am tender-hearted to a fault....cry at the drop of a hat.
6. I love scented candles but many of them give me a headache.
7. I take way too much crap from people.
8. I have always struggled with my weight (and probably always will).
9. I love a good book - nothing particularly trashy but nothing too deep either.
10. I cry at movies.
11. I have a wild imagination.
12. I really didn't want to buy the leather furniture in my den - but now I love it!
13. I really don't like painting - but I find myself wanting to paint my bedroom.
14. I have been in this house for 6 months and the walls are still bare.
15. I am on medication for "female issues".
16. Those meds give me serious mood issues.
17. So I am on meds to counteract the effects of the other meds.
18. I hate being on meds.
19. I love my doggie like a child.
20. I love my kitty - and she loves me too - she just doesn't want me to know.
21. I have a strange intuition. I just know things.
22. I don't sleep before someone in my family dies (this started when my Grandmother died when I was young and has been happening ever since). If they die from an illness sometimes I don't sleep for very long periods of time. If it is sudden, I only lose a couple days sleep. I never know who it is - but the moment they die (literally) - I sleep.
23. My not sleeping before someone dies has only jumped family lines 3 times (2 with one person and 1 with another - both of these people are really close to me).
24. I procrastinate way too much.
25. I am not a neat freak but there are times having too much clutter gets on my last nerve.
26. I hated cleaning my bedroom as a kid and I still hate it.
27. I love a good long bubble bath (without interruptions).
28. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.
29. I don't plan on growing up.
30. I am a big time carnivore - I love a big fat honkin steak.
31. I am very sensitive to the sulfites in wine - hence a little goes a loooong way with me..hehe.
32. I have dreams in color.
33. I have had my IQ tested and I am a pretty smart cookie (well, at least on paper).
34. I was a natural light blonde until after the birth of my son. Now I am a dark blonde - with highlights (since the red didn't work...ugh)
35. I have a birthmark on the back of my neck just under my hair line. You can only see it if I wear my hair up or if it is really short.
36. I am part Cherokee Indian.
37. Last summer I had a big argument with my SIL and have not spoken to her since.
38. I have a crazy sense of humor.
39. I am a gamer - love roll playing games - The Warcraft Series, The Diablo Series, The Starcraft Series (yeah I love Blizzard games) and most recently Guild Wars.
40. I have some serious addictions: scrapbookking, CSI (Vegas), House. Gaming.
41. I love the summer time when I don't have to worry about missing my shows because they are on hiatus.
42. I hate the summer time cause there is nothing good on TV.
43. Once upon a time I used to be tan, now I just burn
44. I love music - and can play many instruments
45. I love to sing - but I am the only one that loves it when I do.
46. I vowed to never drive more than 2 states away - I broke that vow when I moved to MN.
47. It is amazing the amount of love I have for my children.
48. I have never been into "designers" I just like to buy things that look good and are comfortable and are reasonably priced.
49. I love sandals!
50. I love that I am able to work from home. When this ends it will be my choice if I want to work or not - I like having this option.
51. I have lived in 4 states but moved 9 times in the last 15 years.
52. I was scared to death as a teenager - I had a stalker that knew about me (and a few others from my class). He knew where I worked, he knew where I went to high school, he knew who I dated, he knew that I was also taking courses at night at the local community college - He was also just recently released from jail.
53. I used to be able to speed read - I was clocked at over 2000 words per minute with 95% comprehension - I can't do that any more - but I still read quickly.
54. I liked going to school - I am considering going back for my Master's or perhaps just to take courses of things that interst me.
55. I like art but sometimes I just don't get it.
56. I watch The Young and the Restless.
57. I can be selfish at times - but on the other hand I find myself giving up things I want to do to please others.
58. I love my Nissan Altima - with the 3.5 liter engine.
59. I was the son my Daddy never had - so I fish, can shoot a bow and arrow, have worked on cars.
60. I love going crabbing and shrimping.
61. I am still friends with the very first person I met on the very first day of kindergarten.
62. I regret that I have had to move my daughter around so much. She is strong, and makes friends easily and has experienced more than most her age - but I want her to be able to stay put for a while.
63. I have been facinated with all things related to space - I watch as many shuttle launches as possible.
64. I saw John Glenn take off on the shuttle live and in person - it was amazing.
65. I am excited that sometimes you can see the Northern Lights from where I live now - I haven't seen them yet - but excited that I might
66. I have a facination with storms (hurricanes, tornados, etc). Mother nature is one bad mamma jamma.
67. I sometimes give in to my children too often - I don't say no just for the sake of saying no.
68. I used to have a pet squirrel as a kid.
69. I am a sucker for colorful or "different" pens or writting instruments - I have every color shape and size - I missed my calling I should have worked for Pilot or Sanford.
70. I love the South.
71. I am not now nor have I ever been a racist.
72. I root for the underdog.
73. I say Pe"can" not Pe"khan".
74. I don't cuss in front of my kids but I do it a lot under my breath.
75. I wonder who will remember me and what those memories will be like.
76. I like "people watching" - its an interesting sport.
77. As much as I don't like being cold - there is nothing more beautiful that the morning after a freshly fallen snow (before the kids get footprints everywhere).
78. For me, its all about the little things in life and being considerate.
79. Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year and I still listen to my Elvis/Jim Reeves album every year.
80. I sometimes wonder how other people see me.
81. I love eating kid cereal - My all time favorites are Count Chocula and Boo Berry!
82. I am a sucker for jewelrey with rubies and diamonds.
83. I had a really great unique black onyx ring that I loved - the jeweler ran off with it when I was getting it repaired.
84. I love love love coffee!
85. I want to travel more (not move - travel).
86. I love good horror movies.
87. When I was young my family would work with the optimist club and run the haunted house - that was serious fun.
88. My daughter was the first female child born with our last name in 50 years.
89. I am very patriotic.
90. The older I get the more I feel like we as citizens need to be more active in our government.
91. I love comics and superheroes - As a child I had a Spiderman album with story book - it was awesome - I wonder if mom still has it?
92. I wish I could draw/paint.
93. I love going barefoot.
94. I have a huge scar on the bottom of my left foot from when I was 4 years old.
95. I have never had any "major" surgeries.
96. I grind my teeth really hard when I sleep.
97. I love candle light.
98. I am learning to say "no" more often
99. My favorite ice cream is Bryers Vanilla Bean
100. I am a clutz with starting a fire in the fireplace or woodstove (you should see the scars on my hands).

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