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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Random Stuff (too many things going on in this head)

First and foremost......

Ladies and Gentlemen your Stanley Cup Winners

......The Carolina Hurricanes!!!!

Thanks to those who showed me some sympathy for my poor mangled toe (and for those of you who lurked about but didn't leave comments...hehe). As the day progressed, the more I thought about it the more I didn't want to "not exercise" and get back in to a rut. So, against my better judgement - I slathered on the neosporin+pain (hehe), wrapped it in layers of gauze, then taped it up and proceeded to get my butt out and walk. Wasn't as fast as I would have liked and toward the end I thought I had just made a serious mistake but overall I don't think I did anymore damage. I tried to put more pressure on the outside of my foot when I walked. (Thanks to Fantastagirl for the product suggestion - I will look for that today when I am out). This morning instead of walking (only going to do that in the evening for a while until it heals completely) I rode the teenage daughter's bike for a couple of miles (in the low gear thank you very much). It was nice to mix it up, gave my foot a break - but was a serious pain the BUTT - literally! (sorry - no pics for that one...hehe).

In a few weeks I am heading back to Charleston!! (woot woot!) I am going to go down for a looooong weekend, visit my job, get my wireless fixed on my laptop cause we have the world's greatest computer guru and he is gonna hook me up! Would love to name him here and sing his praises - but I know some of you out there might just start stalking him for his genius (hehe) - but if he reads this, he knows who I am talking about. What is really exciting, is that when I return back to Minnefreakinsota (no I am not excited about returning - geesh keep reading) I am going to kidnap my girl Mommy K and little baby Duncan and bring them back with me! She will be here for my B-day! (oh yeah, more on that later but keep and eye on the ticker to your right - gifts are appreciated - and ummm expected..hehe). Also, I am trying to kidnap one of the teenage daughter's friends to bring back with me too. Although she may not be able to come which will be a total bummer!

Update on the kids and their chore list: I have to say that I am quite amazed that they have taken to this quite well. They get up asking what their list is for the day. Sometimes the want to know the night before so they can plan ahead....what!? you read that right - they are actually planning ahead. Super Nanny ain't got nothin' on Cheeky! Sometimes they do the bonus chores for $$ sometimes they don't - its their choice.

Its gonna be a really stormy day today. I am excited about that (you know me and storms). It was nice and sunny at 5 this morning when I was out torturing my butt, however now it is getting dark and the temp has dropped. If they are really good - I will try to get some pics to share. And if I see the neighbor running out to go chase something - don't think I won't be jumping in the truck with him (hehe - guess I should warn him).

Cheeky - who thinks she needs a little Bon Jovi today (oh and he is gonna be on Oprah tomorrow- woot!) - so she sings: "This is the story of my life and I write it every day, I know it isn't black and white, but its anything but grey, I know that no I'm not alright, but I feel ok cos anything can, everything can happen - That's the story of my life....."

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