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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Six Degrees of Separation

Ever hear of it? Do you believe it? Well let me tell you something ladies....I am now one degree away from our man Matthew McConaughey!!!! Yes, you heard me right. I just found out that my cousin rode a plane from Savannah to Houston with him last week. Can you believe it?!? I almost fell off the couch when I found out! And while it was an encounter and not really a completed link - its still counts!

Oh I am also, one degree away from Seann W. Scott (Stifler of American Pie fame). One of my new friends up here went to high school with him. Her dad was his coach and he always calls when he is town. Of course I told her when he comes up again, we are having a party (maybe Minnefreakinsota ain't so bad after all...hehe).

Oh, there are others too. One of my best friend's hubby is a chef in the White House. I have a friend whose sister is married to a member of Steppenwolf. One of the mothers from the teenage daughter's softball team in SC is Jesse James' cousin. So here is the question, why is it always someone else that meets these people and not ME?? OK OK, I did meet Reggie White when I was flying to California. I sat next to him (in first class because my friends at the airlines hooked me up) and talked to him on the way to our layover in Chicago. He was a really nice man. Huge, massive but nice.

So who are you just a few degrees away from?

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