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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Thursday Thirteen - Can't get it anymore

Today's Thursday Thirteen is a list of things that I can't get up here in Minnefreakinsota. Now of course, I stock up when I go home to visit, or Mom is more than willing to ship these items, but its not the same as just being able to go to the grocery store and pick it up for yourself.

#1 Texas Pete Hot Sauce - if you have been reading the blog for very long - you have heard me talk about this before. There are even pictures dedicated to this stuff....LOVE IT!

#2 Duke Mayo - There is nothing like it! I don't like Kraft or Hellman's - I am Duke's girl through and through!

#3 Merita Sandwich Bread - Ahhh the sweet softness of fresh baked Merita Bread....mmmmm. Now I am stuck with whatever I can find up here - nothing compares to Merita though.

#4 Penrose Hot Sausages - I learned to love these from my Granddaddy James Perdue when I was a little girl. They come in a jar off the shelf - its really hard to explain them. Of course they are bad for you (but what great food isn't) and I would only get them every now and then for a little treat.

#5 - Hot Dog Chili - come on people - hot dogs need chili. Now I can find canned chili here without beans but its not like the hot dog chili I find in the south - I have learned to make due.

#6 - Grits - REAL grits - not the instant stuff.

#7 - Fresh Seafood - well DUH! But again I am learning to make due.

#8 - Neese's Liver Pudding (or as we call it in NC - Livermush or smush)) - now before you start saying "ewww gross, nasty", it may have liver in it but it does NOT taste like liver. It is a breakfast meat and comes in a rectangle and you slice it, fry it and way to describe it would be to say its a type of sausage (but not really).

#9 - Hush Puppy Mix - can't get them in restaurants and you can't have them at home if you can't find the mix (sure I can do the "from scratch" thing but there are some wonderful mixes out there).

#10 - Fat Back - again before you start saying "ewww what is this hillbilly red neck eating" it is used as a seasoning in cooking. It comes from a pig (much like bacon) but it is salt cured and used when cooking dried beans or other wonderful southern food. You don't eat it - but the dog loves it when you discard it from cooking. They have "salt pork" up here but its not the same.

#11 - Wink - this is a tangy grapefruit flavored soft drink that you can drink on its own or used as a mixer. Again, I didn't get it often but just every now and then as a treat. It is really refreshing on a hot day.

#12 - Sonny's Sweet BBQ Sauce - it is really yummy. Now I like all kinds but this is really good to have around the house for grilling. For real BBQ (you know pulled pork BBQ or a pig pickin) I like a good vinegar based just don't get that around here.

#13 - Sweet Sixteen Donuts - these sweet little powdered sugar covered delights are made by Merita Bread so of course I can't get them....but mmmmm.....donuts!

Cheeky - who wonders - if she were to open up a hillbilly redneck grocery store would it be successful or would she just consume the inventory herself?

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