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Monday, June 19, 2006

No Beauty without PAIN

Warning: at the end of this post is a graphic picture of pain (in the words of the teenage daugher "ewww Mom...gross").

You know the term "No Pain - No Gain"? Well my friends, it is true. In my quest to get rid of this massive object I call "the bootay", I have been starting to do some real exercise (yeah I know - that is worse than any four letter word I can think of). I have been doing some serious power walking daily - about 2 1/2 miles - sometimes twice daily. Well, in the process, I have developed a serious blister on my right toe (the left one also has a blister but not as big). So in my infinite wisdom I thought, "hmm what if I tape it up? Then it shouldn't be so bad and have an opportunity to heal". Yeah, right - what was I thinking? Taping, while it helped with the actual walking, just caused it to burst. OK, well it will heal in a few days right? WRONG! While at the lake yesterday (we went both days) my foot got wet, the skin over the blister ripped and now.....well its just ugly and painful (see the pic below...yeah I know ewww... Mom... gross). I had to get the remaining skin off cause it was just hanging there - the man child came up to me and said "umm Mom you might not want to pick at that" - Hey who is the parent here?? hehe. So now walking is OUT until it heals. Ugh - but I guess I could do those dreaded lunges (oh no I didn't just say that did I? Someone call the doc - I must be out of my mind...hehe).

Cheeky - who wonders - if you can't have beauty without pain, will she be stunning when this toe heals? (cause its seriously painful)

OK the pics are below - view if you must -but don't say I didn't warn ya.....(and no comments on needing a pedicure - I was going to get one today but that's happening until this thing heals - I don't need that kind of torture and I know close up shots of anyone's toes just is not a pretty sight)


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