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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Not a really exciting or witty is what it is

I don't know why I do this to myself. Today is back to back to back interviews. It wouldn't be quite so bad if technical guys had a personality but sometimes they can be so dry and getting information out of them is like pulling teeth. It is totally refreshing to actually find a geek with a personality (and I use the term in a completely good way - true geeks are proud of their geekdom).

Got up at 5 this morning, did the bike thing again for a couple of miles. Showered. Already sent a few emails and getting ready to make pancakes for when the kids get up. The first interview starts at 7:30am central time they go pretty steady until mid afternoon.

On a happier note - bought my tickets to Charleston yesterday (woohoo) and Mommy K's ticket for the return (I am such a good friend..hehe). The really hard part about this trip is not eating too much and ruining my progress thus far. I intend to spend some time on the beach and just sit and listen to the waves (and get sunburned in the process - OH not that intend on getting sunburned but putting this pale body on the beach - it is gonna happen).

This evening I am going walking again but I have to do it early enough to get back and watch America's Got Talent - I am thinking this is going to be a modern version of the Gong show (anybody remember that?). I loved that show as a kid and the unknown comic with the paper bag on his head. Not sure how good it will be - but I am curious so I will be watching.

Cheeky - who needs something with a beat to get her moving this morning - perhaps a little Gloria Estefan: Come on shake your body baby do the conga, I know can't control yourself any longer, Feel the rhythm of the music getting stronger, Don't you fight it till you tried it do the conga beat....

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