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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Went to the show and found.....Redneck LUV!!

Updated Monday - FINALLY PICTURES!

Updated Thursday AM - blogger is really ticking me off......I am still trying to upload the pics....grrrrrr

Updated: still trying to upload the pics with no luck.....grrrrr blogger....

Now this is something that I can talk about because I was born and raised in the foothills of NC. You know, in the heart of Redneckville, USA. And it never ceases to amaze me just how far my rednecks have spread across the country. Last night at the concert (details about that at the end of this post....good thing I didn't pay for those tickets.....wait...I did...yikes!), the rednecks were out in full force. I mean, just look at this (taken while Journey was playing at the first part of the was only the third song....and they were already at it).....

Notice the attire? Shirtless man (dude, it was chilly in the Target Center). But if that wasn't enough, it soon became contagious. Their fellow rednecks soon joined in the luv fest.....

It was even so contaigous that my friends that I went to the show with even got in the mood (hehe - just kidding - they just got engaged about ummm 2 weeks ago so they are entitled....and no, they are not rednecks...but we are slowly acclimating them to our ways).

OK, now on to the show....Journey guitarist Ross Valorie comes out and plays the National Anthem on his electric know, Jimmy Hendricks style...its was pretty cool. Then the rest of the band takes the stage and starts with Anyway you want it...its cool - it rocked...but something is I know that my man Steve Perry is no longer singing with the band but the dude that replaced him, Steve Augeri isn't even there. His is out due to a throat infection? Whatever..... so another dude Jeff Scott Soto (ever hear of him? Yeah, me neither) took the lead. Now he was ok....but I was disappointed. I mean come on. Plus, to try and make it a little more "believable" the voices were turned down just a bit and the rocking bass and drums just wee bit too loud (you know just enough to muffle the voices). And with a few of the songs, I swear they were using old recordings of Steve Perry and mixing it with this guys voice - it was during those times he was not in the front or the spot light....and it sounded a little too much like my man Steve....sounded just a little suspicious to me. Now as the show went on, I was having a good time and enjoying the show on the stage (and the redneck luv beside me) until they ended their set. Ya'll I was about to drop the F-bomb (and Cheeky don't say that....and no I wasn't drinking....perhaps I should have) cause they did not even play my favorite Journey song.....but then much to my delight - they came back out (what, even the first group does an encore?) and played it....Seperate Ways! Whew.....was gonna have to get ugly there for a minute.

Quick (well not so quick) intermission, set change....the Def Leppard takes the stage with Let's Get Rocked.....again, the vocals were seriously lower than the I know I wasn't really close to the action but come on - I should be able to slightly understand what Joe Elliott is singing....I know this song....and I still couldn't make out what he was singing. Geesh....I know you guys are old - its ok....lemme hear it mmmkay? They worked the crowd and for the most part it was ok and as a true child of the 80's I had an overall good time, but I don't think the show was worth the price of admission if you catch my drift.

So, now the show is over and I have to find my way home. This is going to be an adventure because I don't usually drive back from downtown by myself. I don't really know my way around that well, especially in the dark. But, I am quite pleased with my navigational skills until....I get on I-94 in Maple Grove....ummm ITS CLOSED (excuse me?) how am I gonna find my way home? I haven't lived here long enough to know the back roads (well outside of my little town anyway). So, since the cheekymobile was sucking fumes, I got off the interstate and stopped to get some way over priced go-go juice. I ask the dude beside me if he is familiar with the area and can he get me to where I need to be.....ummmm NO he couldn't but he sure acted like he could. I wasn't born yesterday, I know you didn't know...why didn't you just say it? If I would have taken his advice I would still be drivin'!

So, I pull in the a 24 hour grocery store and one of the cashiers was a HUGE help (she, together with the teenage daughter on the phone and mapquest in front of her) got me where I needed to be, without using the even though I got home about an hour later than I should have, I am pleased that was able to learn something new.

I am up now, with about 5 hours sleep. I have an early morning meeting for work and then I have to find a vet to take my kitty to asap today. She is passing blood and being way to loving (yeah, something is wrong - the lovin part should have been my first clue).

Cheeky - who will be singing something - as soon as the coffee kicks in.....

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