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Friday, November 16, 2007

Gertrude is in love.....

On our trip, we took the day last Friday to go and visit with Mr. Cheeky's dad "Big O" in the nursing home. He is like 61-62 (is it bad that I don't know that) and has Alzheimer's. He was diagnosed when he was 55 and now he doesn't know anyone or anything. He seems to be doing well. He is gaining weight so he is getting good food. MIL said she goes to have lunch with him at least once a week and they always have the best food.

So, while we were visiting, there was this little old lady, Gertrude, that wanted to visit with us. She was too cute and the biggest flirt I think I have ever seen in my life. She took an instant liking to Mr. Cheeky and began flirting with him and touching him on the shoulder and trying to tickle him. Then when she was done with him she moved on to the man child. It was hilarious. She was as sweet as she could be and I don't quite think she knew exactly everything that was going on but she really was a cute little lady with an infectious laugh.

Then there was Margaret. We were sitting in the eating area which is divided into two parts. We were in one are and Margaret was in the other area talking with the physical therapist. We were trying to mind our own business but she was rather spunky and a little loud at times. At one point she said she was done talking to him and he convinced her to answer two more questions. When they were all done, she said "I'm gonna get even with you". I guess she really didn't want to answer those questions. But then she didn't want him to go. She was trying everything she could to convince him to stay. Finally she conceded that he was going to go and she said "Well, I ain't never gonna talk to you again".

It is really hard to see Big O this way but he doesn't have a care in the world and I am really thankful that he is in a place where they care for their patients so well.

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