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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

We are Back!!

Oh we had a great time. Really. Nobody got cranky, nobody yelled**, we lauged a lot, and basically enjoyed each other's company. Even the kids. Shocking I know.

There are lots of things to tell from this trip so I am going to spread it out over the next couple of posts. I mean, really, who wants to read a novella of a post right?

Let me start with a few PSA's for today:

To the toilet in the MN airport bathroom,
I know this is a big pick up spot. I did not tap the floor with my foot, I did not reach my hand under the stall. BUT dear toilet, why oh why did you have to auto flush like 5 times while I was sitting there. Seriously. I wasn't dropping a stink pickle or anything so I know you weren't doing a courtesy flush for me. Every time I dried off from one flush you would do it again, spraying my backside yet again. I didn't enjoy this little dance and I am sure others don't as well.

To the TSA Agent guarding the exit door,
Sweetie, I know this job is long and hard and really boring, but do you really think you are making me feel safe when you are snoozing while guarding the exit door? You are supposed to be watching to make sure people don't come through there but go through the security area......this door is for LEAVING the security area. Snoozing at said post is not a wise move honey. I am just sayin.

To the drivers in MN,
I was in my car for 10 mins,10 mins and ya'll cut me off no less than 3 times during this time limit. Now I know why I have road rage. Even my kids now know why I have road rage.

To the passengers on the plane (from the teenage daughter),
Gas happens. We know this but please move to the back of the plane into the restrooms before trying to suffocate the rest of the plane. I mean, its not like they use a lot of fresh air on those things.

**I almost lost my cool one morning during the trip. I had had little sleep and man child has developed this habit of arguing back (its the age but still drives me nuts), he was fussing at me because he I didn't pack his belt. It was turning ugly. Mr. Cheeky stepped in to save the morning. We stopped for coffee and manchild went in with Mr. Cheeky and brought me a peace offering....a pack of skittles and a sundrop! I got 2 swigs of the sundrop (he drank the rest) and I only got a few of the skittles but it was the bribe that counts.

More to come tomorrow. Here is a little teaser for ya: Jim Jones Juice!

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