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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Tricks or Treats?

What did you get?? I will tell you what I got.....I got treats! Oh yes, I did! In my mailbox. Completely unexpected - the best kind! My fellow flamingo fanatic EA - yep she hooked me up. A few months back she posted a pic of some new acrylic stamps she purchased and I drooled all over my keyboard looking at them. You know what she did? She went out the next day and bought some for me and has been hanging on to them waiting to treat me on Halloween! Yes, she did! AND....she included a very cute handmade card (and ummm EA girl I am stealing the little candy corn idea inside - very cute) AND a flip flop summer stamp (that I am sure I will be using for those "random" cards after the holidays). I love getting little treats in the mail!!!

While I am at it - I have to say THANKS again to Katie for continuing to be my enabler and sending me coupons to the craft store....hehe.

See, I keep telling ya'll, its those little unexpected random things that will make you smile the biggest!

Now, I don't have pics cause Mr. Cheeky is still in Dallas with MY camera...Grrrrr!

Teenage daughter and "L" took manchild out to get the goods while I stayed home and gave out the goods. I think I did about 1500 squats because every time I sat down the doorbell would ring again. I had fun though. The kids had some manners this time which was good and better than last year. I ran out of candy about an hour and half after it all started and had to shut the door and turn out the lights. I still had a few older kids banging on the door after that. "Hey this is teenage daughter's house" BANG BANG BANG..."this is where teenage daughter lives" BANG BANG BANG then they discovered the doorbell. I was just about to rip them a new one when they decided to leave. Seriously, the lights are out, the door is shut - MOVE ON!

MY kids came back earlier than they wanted because and I quote "the bag is too heavy to carry anymore Mom"! Yes, they racked up! So, no sooner than they got in they ran downstairs for the ritual. We do this every year. It started when they were younger (so I could give a quick inspection to the goods) but now they just have fun with it. The ritual is they dump all the bags together into a huge pile (man I wish I had my camera for this), then start sorting and separating into piles. All lollipops go in one pile and all hard candy in another then everything else is separated by kind. They racked up on Reese cups and Bottle caps and Skittles (all my favs LOL). After they look at the loot they divide it amongst themselves - each taking their favs. Then what is left over goes into one container in the house. Well let me tell ya. They each have their own stash and there is still a HUGE bowl of candy in the middle of the table. HUGE! As in as much as or more than the amount I gave out!

Overall a good time was had by all! AND we didn't get any TRICKS!

Wednesday steps: 6834

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