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Friday, October 26, 2007

Why do people have to be such PIA's???

Ya'll read my posts (even the lurkers) and many times comment with relevant things to say about the topic at hand. I like that. No, I lurve that. What I have no tolerance for is this comment spam crap. Now, I have enabled the little word verification thing, as much as it annoys me, to try and avoid some of the "come see me naked on cam" or the "come see my site so I can sell you something" spam. For the most part it has been a good thing until this week. Apparrently, some web crawler or person or something picked up on my post this week about using the work HONKY and now, I keep getting this religious crap (and yes it is crap - I have my beliefs and yes I believe in God, but this stuff that is going in the comments is CRAP!) and if you weren't a believer, reading this junk would definately turn you off and push you away so I don't know why they do it. I am getting them every night on random older posts that have word verification in place. I have been pretty diligent in removing them right away but its getting on my last nerve and that is not somewhere you want to be.

I have toyed with the idea of not allowing anonymous comments but then people, like my Pop (and others) won't be able to comment. I don't like that. I don't want ONLY those that have a google account to be able to comment. I want to leave it open to the masses (cuz I lurve the comments). I have also toyed with the idea of comment moderation for a little while but that won't stop them from commenting. I know in Wordpress and other such blog formats there are things you can do to prevent this crap. I don't want to switch at this point. Anybody have any suggestions other than not allowing anonymous comments?

Now, after reading this you may thing I am in a foul mood. NOPE, you would be wrong. I am actually a little giddy and energetic and feeling domestic (again, I know I think I need to go to the doc about this domesticity thing). It is looking like a turn on the radio and dance around the house kind of day. Taking a break for Y&R of course....I mean let's not get ridiculous.

OH and this needs to be mentioned too.....umm Guitar Hero III comes out on the 28th - oh yes it does and guess who is gonna be there getting her copy...oh yes I am. And this is pretty much what we will do after we get it. Oh, yes it is! I am gonna be a Guitar Hero!!!

Thursday's Steps: 8884

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