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Monday, October 15, 2007


So Saturday was the river run. Mr. Cheeky had gotten the boat ready the night before. You know, washed it out, cleaned it up, made sure it would crank - that sort of stuff. We get up on Saturday morning and there was a nice lovely little layer of frost on the boat. Yep, frost. It was like 38 degrees when we woke up. By the time we get loaded up and on the road it was like ummm 44 degrees. Still chilly.

We get to the St. Croix along with the others and we are in the water and ready to go....but one boat won't start. We sort of putz around waiting. Then they decide they are going to go get the boat worked on so we went without them. We headed up to Stillwater. We weren't going "that fast" so I could take it. BUT on the way back and heading down to the island where we would picnic.....Ummm yeah, I was an icicle. I had on a long sleeve t-shirt, a very thick sweat shirt, gloves, 180's (ear muffs) and then covered over with a thick wool blanket - I was still cold. But here is the kicker - here I am all bundled up and the dude in the next boat was in SHORTS!!! Guess after almost 2 years here my blood is still pretty thin. Now when we stopped for the picnic and I wasn't being slammed in the face with the cold air coming off the water (the water temp was 55 degrees) then the weather was very very nice. The sun was really warm. Its just when we were hauling butt down the river is when it was chilly.

Overall had a good time. I didn't complain about being cold too much. The foliage was disappointing. I guess with all the weather lately the leaves really haven't changed that much. OH well, still a good time was had by all.

Yesterday was sort of cold and rainy. We didn't do too much. Mr. Cheeky took the manchild shopping for some school clothes and I took teenage daughter grocery shopping. Yeah, we rock like that.

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