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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Back to our regularly scheduled programming

Ok enough Ted talk already. Let me give you a little weekend update. Friday night was homecoming at the highschool so the teenage daughter went to the game and festivities while Mr. Cheeky, the man child and I stayed home. We liked it that way. We sort of made it an early night. It had been a rough week so we started watching Fantastic Four (yet again - but prepping for the release of the Silver Surfer that comes out today and I will be purchasing even though we have already seen it in the theaters...but I digress)...where was I - OH yeah, we started out watching it down stairs then midway through headed upstairs to bed and finished it there. Well some of us finished it - others ....well lets just say there was a little background noise.

Saturday. My hobbling around was getting easier and less painful so we did a quick clean on the house. Mr. Cheeky and I - ok well I had the bright idea of going to play bingo at the casino, Mr. Cheeky came along for the ride. I love going to the casino to eat at the buffet and play bingo. I am an old lady like that. I have always loved playing bingo. I never win but I like to play. I will be one of those blue haired cat lady's that lives down the street that has a house full of cats and goes to play bingo every week when I retire - Yes I will - you wait and see. Anywho, during intermission I decided I had some more $$ to waste and got five dollars worth of 25cent pull tabs. I am pulling and wow I won 25cent. Oh wait there is another one and another one - woohoo! So at the end of the night I go turn in my tabs to get my whole 1.25 and the lady goes "ummm you know this one says 25 DOLLARS don't you?" What?! Sweet. I turned 5 into 25 - it must be my lucky night! (we won't discuss the fact that we spent like $125 on food and bingo - that doesn't count cause I won $25!).

Sunday. I went to a Stampin Up party with Suzie while the Mr. Cheeky and teenage daughter stayed home. Man child went to the movies with his buddy. I bought a few new things so I can't wait to get them. Speaking of....Saturday is world card making day and I have some events to attend. Woot!!!! Still hobbling on the foot but not as bad. Actually I can put it down now and put a little weight on it. I suspect I will be walking fairly normal in the next day or so.

Yeah, pretty uneventful again this weekend which is fine by me. Things are going to get really busy really fast and I like this time of year - you know, the calm before the storm. Mr. Cheeky is traveling again this week (only for a few days) so I will be playing again (in my craft room people - geesh get your minds OUT of the gutter mmmkay?).

I need to get some Halloween decorations up. I need (ok want - but isn't that the same thing?) to shop for more Halloween decorations.

OH one more thing....yesterday started the birthday month for go show her some love - all month - seriously - just go do it!

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