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Friday, October 05, 2007

Insert expletive here..... #%$^&!!!

Yeah, I am an idiot. Foot was feeling better. I could walk about 90% normally - still favoring it just a bit cause it was a little bit sore but getting along fairly well. Then yesterday afternoon I started getting really sharp pains at the site where stitches are. It started throbbing. I looked at it....yeah, it split back open. The stitches are still there (thank goodness I didn't rip them out) but they are supposed to come out Monday (wanna take bets on if that is still gonna happen now? - what is it with me and betting lately? Must have bingo on the brain or something but I digress....). So, I am not a happy camper right now - no I am not. I am gonna stay off it as much as possible today so it can close back up.
#$%^&%%!!!! is your Friday?

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