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Thursday, October 04, 2007

I've had all I can stands ....I can't stands no more!

So I know I was MIA yesterday, did ya miss me? Katie was talking about purging on her blog this week and I took one look around my office and said "yep I gotta do it - just can't take mess and crap anymore". Yes, I have conversations with myself and for the record they are the best conversations I have ever had. I have great opinions and I typically tend to agree with myself but sometimes I don't and that's when the fights start - it can get pretty ugly - I won't talk about it now. Anywho, back to purging. So since I was inspired after a pretty full day of work I decided it was time. OH.MY.GOODNESS. Yeah, I was working in here all day. I took a break long enough to take the kids to the China Buffet and then back at it. I cleared out clutter, I threw stuff away (and when teenage daughter was doing the trash run last night before it comes on Thursday - she called me wasteful that I was throwing stuff away -like dried up never used pens and note pads that had like 1 sheet left on them - yeah she dug them out - my own little dumpster diver - I am so proud). I reorganized the desk and took the monstrosity of an organizer OFF that wasn't really getting used except to hold junk - now there is a nice little one and lots of working space. I dusted the shelves, blinds (ewww they were disgusting but we won't talk about that) picture frames and my trusty little decision making devices (my 3 magic 8 balls - they are consulted on a regular basis - we they all agree - its rather freaky - and in case you are wondering, I have a regular black one, a green muppets one that will give you things the Muppet's would say, and a yellow superman one. I still can't find the tan smart eleck one I saw in the store once - bummer). I rearranged and vacuumed. Overall it was a productive day. The fact that I was domestic on my own accord means that it really was a pit (cause I am NOT domestic like that) but it is oh so nice walking in here this morning to get my blog on. So clean and organized. Wanna start a pool on how long that's gonna last?? Go on, you know you want to, you won't hurt my feelings - just give me a 10% cut off the top and we will call it even.

OH and did you know that it is ALSO Jana's birthday MONTH too? You didn't? Well go visit her and give her happy wishes, and greetings and show her some birthday love - go on - go do it.

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