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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Hijacked by the Teenage Daughter

Its about time- its been a while since there has been a post all about me.Teenage daughter here & I'm here to tell you all about Saturday (since you didnt get a recap of the weekend in yesterdays post). So I had the bff stay the night aka "L" and we woke up, chilled for a bit & then went to a joint called space aliens for the man childs birthday along with his other hyped up friends :). Came home and watched the man child for a bit when my 'rents left to go play BINGO for the second weekend in a row ruining both of my saturdays-geeze! but that didnt get us down. The "L" and I had made plans earlier in the week along with JAM (the twins) to go TPing. Ahhh yes the time has finally come. We had it all planned out but the only thing stopping us was our guts. We had asked a few months ago to go TPing but the response was very unsure so we were a little nervous to ask. I had mentioned something about it to Cheeky (mom) on Friday but I got little to no reaction. So while my parents were at the casino playing bingo me & "L" straighted up a bit & made a list. Yes...a list. Here it is :

25 reasons why you should let us go TP'ing!

1. We will make you proud
2. Practice makes almost perfect
3. We've been waiting a while-since March woman!
4. Gotta start somewhere and somehow
5. Willing to except our consequences
6. Snow season is almost here
7. You always tease & "egg" us on about how its done right but never let us go.
8. We have common sense and won't do anything stupid
9. There is such thing as payback (to the one kid who got me and "L" in trouble for dingdong ditching my house >_< )
10. It will be worth our while
11. Something to tell our kids like you tell us
12. We will make you proud
13. Time to loosen up and live
14. Teen and highschool years are supposed to be the best
15. Memories are precious
16. You would be considered an even "cooler" mother than before -yo! (brownie points?)
17. You can post this list on your blog
18. You will be "L"'s hero for life and to prove it she will tattoo your name on her badonkadonk :)
19. We will grow to be TP professionals
20. Weather is perfect
21. We will take a picture for you.
22. We can act non-suspicious
23. For the experience and right to say "been there-TP'd them"
24. Long live the family tradition
25. We will make you proud

Yes ^ that is a tad bit cheesy but whatever works right?

Haha so after bingo we brought my mom down into my room to read her our list but that did not work because she was "tired" and said we would eventually have to ask my dad. So we did and to OUR SURPRISE which was a HUGE SHOCK he said we could go (we think it was because we were getting that one kid who rang our doorbell and ran in the middle of the night back :) ) haha we didn't know how to we went.

And as we got outside of the house and started walking we saw neighbors out in their driveway at 1:00 in the morning how convenient is that?? So we turned around to go the long way...which was a waste because there was people that way too. Just our luck! So we came back in the house and asked what to do and the 'rents just said to walk past them that they couldn't do anything to us. Well lets just say we were very paranoid. We were on our way and got to JAMS safely and climbed through their bedroom window - just to make it dramatic and sneaky even though their mom knew about what we were doing. So we went, TP'd the crap outta that kids house, and came home thrilled and couldn't believe what we had just done and the feeling stayed for quite a while. In the morning, we decided to go on a "bike ride" to take pictures realizing that it had rained right after we went to sleep which is quite hilarious. On our way home the people next door were getting in there car and asked if we were going on a early bike ride? We put the guiltiest grins on and said "yep!". OK so end of story and that was our exciting Saturday night.


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