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Monday, October 22, 2007

Just a little PSA.....

To the hiring manager at the local store (can't name it but if you live around this area it would be really easy to guess),

When selecting a candidate that is going to be a potential employee (specifically a cashier), makes sure said candidate can interact suitably with the public. This is part of the job. This is a required skill. Your new employee even had Mr. Cheeky talking about him and that is very rare to have the man complain er discuss about someone. First of all, he tried to keep every one's discount card. NO NO NO. Then, he was looking for the tag on the new shirt I bought the man child, he finally found it (on the shirt tag, duh) and then proceeded to WAD it up and stuff it in the bag. Now I am not expecting a professional fold but don't wad the thing up mmmkay? I mean this guy was all kinds of special. I bought two bottles of juice, he set them to the side because he thought they had alcohol in them (#1 they don't sell hard alcohol or even any alcohol in bottles that resembled these in regular stores in this state and ummm #2 you should KNOW if your store sells alcohol) and I had to remind him to scan them so I could take them home. Then he asks the obligatory "would you like our credit card?" Our response, we have one....thanks. Then he looks at me and says....but don't you want a separate account? Ummm we already each have our OWN cards....but that really isn't any of your business is it? OH and he called the floor manager because the lady in front of us wrote a check, and when the deposit information printed on the check it printed under the endorse area....ummmm - he felt that was urgent and needed to be addressed by the manager immediately. So he felt the need to hold up the line waiting for her to come look at it. We had to request that he scan the tag that we are holding in front of him that is attached to the chair that is awkward and heavy but he chose to ignore cause he thought we were holding it there for exercise or something. He felt the need to comment on EVERY item that was purchased (I am really sorry I didn't have to buy tampons or something so he could ask me about my period). OH and he was whining because it was 6:54 and he gets off at 7 and he thought the needed to whine about having to check another order for the last 6 minutes he was on the clock. So, hiring manager, when you come across a potential employee that is special like this one, stick them in the back, in the stock room, in the cooler, any place where they do not have to interact with the public. I mean, I don't want you to discriminate against special people, just don't put them in jobs that #1 they are suited for and #2 will create angry customers. OH and if you feel the need to keep doing this, ummmm lets just say I have big connections at said store and I can contact people that will be taking a little bit more notice at your particular store. Capish?!


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