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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Things I learned from the Jeffersons....

So yesterday afternoon I was watching me a re-run of the Jeffersons on TVLand - I love me some George Jefferson - yes I do (Weezy too). So as I was watching I was reminded of something that I had forgotten. Something that well, is just plain fun to say....HONKY! Honky, honky, honky....just say it out loud - its funny. Seriously, when was the last time you heard someone called a honky and more specifically when was the last time you heard it on TV? You know other than back in the day when we really didn't take ourselves so seriously and had a sense of humor and could laugh. So that got me thinking.....of all the derogatory terms for white people (Haole, Whitey, Cracker), I think honky is my favorite.

Now I am sure that some people may find this offensive, especially in today's PC world. I still think its funny. In our house we regularly call each other names (cracka, crack head, crapper head, water head, etc - and don't ask me why most of them involve the word head - it just does) but we do it out of love. Seriously, just spend a day around us and you will hear us call each other very non PC stuff. To the outside world it is prolly offensive to us its just sayin I love you. If someone is reading my blog for the first time they may think I am a racist white girl. Nope they would be wrong - I am just a regular honky. We are probably the most non racist people you will ever meet. Picture this - I am out with friends and this is the make up of the group - 2 Germans, 1 Asian, 1 Tanzanian, 1 Mexican, 2 Brazilians and I am the only white one of the group. How is that for diverse?

So that makes me wonder....what non PC terms do you use around your house that you find funny but to the outside world would be considered offensive?

And just in case you are wondering - YES I have been a "victim" of racism. During my first year of college a "new" so called friend and I were talking and somehow got on the subject of Native Americans and when I said I had Cherokee (a fact of which I am proud) in me she was appalled and from that moment on treated me like I was dirt. I later found out in the town where she is from there is a huge problem between Native American's and "white" people..... so even though its not the same as what other ethnic groups go through, I can still appreciate not being liked merely because of your ethnicity.

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