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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ya know....

I loves me some wings and trivia...yes I do....never before has such a combination been so right. A marriage made in heaven it is. Its right up there with me and Mr. Cheeky.... But......I must admit.....I am ashamed. I am starting to believe that when Ted left me so did the trivia part of my brain (or so the Mr. says...). I came in second.......second........sacriledge!! It just ain't right. Nope it ain't right. Not right at all. you know what IS right?? Awwwww come on you know you wanna honor of Katie being all sickly with the crud (aka a cold) I decided I would drink a toddy in her name........a hot one and mmmmm mmmmm mmmmm it was sooooo yummy!! Yes it was!!!

Oh wait, ya'll didn't come here today to hear about my wonderful wings, my defective trivia brain (thanks Ted), and toddies....ya'll came to find out what happened with "the call". Can we say "nosey much?" Bwhahaha kidding kidding....Well the long and short of it is.....they want me to work MORE. I was a little shocked. See, things have slowed for me. I have only been working on specific positions....they want me to do that MORE. More is good. I can do more. So the days of interviewing candidates all while sipping hot cocoa and wearing fuzzy slippers will least for now. Still not confident on how long but I ain't complaining.

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