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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Its cold and rainy......

yeah, what's new......but last night I made the first batch of potato soup for the season...OMG ya'll it was the BOMB!!! It came out better than perfect. I am so good...hahaha!

OK ya'll, I am having a "meeting" today and I think its the one I have been waiting for since I heard the company was being sold back in the summer (and umm they didn't tell me - I found out by reading the business journal uh huh I did). The deal has closed now. They have bought me out of my shares. I think this call is the one to tell me my time of working in my jammies I mean telecommuting is done. Its been a good run - almost 2 years. I am ok with this actually. I came to terms with it a long time ago. I am sure at some point I will have a little pity party for myself but it won't be right away - prolly after the holidays when winter starts getting to me. AND winter is right around the corner so noooo I won't be looking for anything outside the house for a while. I have thought about getting a little part time job in one of the local scrap shops cause I really love that and it would give me "playing money". So, we will see. BUT then again, I could be completely off base and the call can be something about new procedures since the buy out. We will see. Either way - I am prepared and will be fine.

I am getting ready to mail out my Halloween cards at the beginning of next week (just have to buy postage) so if you want one and haven't sent me your address - get to it!

We (the Cheeky family) will be traveling to NC in about 2 weeks to go visit the family (parents, sisters, brothers - of mine and the hubs). Its the only trip we will make before the holidays. While there, I intend to hit the Southern Living Christmas Show - yes I do! I have been going for several years now and I am happy to be going again this year too! Woot!!!

So that is all I gots fuz ya today....well for this morning. The meeting isn't until late in the day so I will have to tell you tomorrow what it was about.........

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