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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Letter to my cats

My dear wonderful darling kitties,

You know how much your mommy loves you right? Well, I don't know which one of you is doing this so I am going to have to address you both. I know you are cute, and silly, and cuddly (well, your not cuddly Kitty Girl but we love you anyway), BUT whichever one of you keeps horking and hiding it is gonna be in big trouble. Just today, I wanted to enjoy the sunshine. I go downstairs to open the blinds on the sliding glass door and what do I see when I pull back the blinds? Evidence that one of you horked BEHIND the blinds in the door track. I don't even know how long its been there. I just know that when the birds are singing and the sun is shining I don't want to see a pile of....well....hork! (I would show you a pic (ala TKW) but some of ya'll are having breakfast and don't want to see it I am sure - I know I didn't). This is not the first time either. Whoever is doing this seems to think my craft room looks like a good hiding place for hork too. Stop! I am sure this is most likely a hairball issue but if you don't tell me how am I gonna know? You have to learn, if you are gonna hork, do it in front of someone so you can at least milk it and get some sympathy out of it. MMMmmmkay??

And since I am addressing ya'll at the moment , my darling kitties, let me make something else purrfectly clear. This house already hates me enough. I have burned and cut my hands and fallen down the stairs enough during the past two years. I don't need your help. So, when its the middle of the night and I need to get something to drink, and its dark, don't be laying on the third step down taking bets on whether or not I am gonna step on you and then proceed to fall down the steps. It WILL happen. AND I know ya'll like to follow me around the house all day. I sort of like that too but stop taking dares on which one of you is gonna run under my foot on the way down to make me fall. Capish?

If ya'll be good and stop doing these things....Mommy will provide you with an endless supply of kitty crack until your dying days (bribery never hurts).

Tuesday's steps: 7115! (not my goal but getting close).

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