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Thursday, October 25, 2007

I got tagged - oh yes I did

Seems like somebody out there (ICSCN) seems to think she wants to know a little bit about yours truly (like doing 300 things on a 300 post wasn't enough??? hehe) so cause I *heart* her so....I will do it....the Tag is that I have to post 6 things about me and of course tag others at the end.

1. Each night before falling asleep I have a little ritual. I do "the roll" where I roll over on to my right side with my right arm under the pillow. The pillow must be just right under my head and neck. Then if I am comfortable, I will crack my thumbs and crack my toes and off to sleep I will go. Sometimes my toes won't crack (on one foot) and I will just not feel complete before going to sleep.

2. When eating honkers, I make my own special sauce for dipping. Its A-1 and ketchup mixed together but its oh so yummy. Mr. Cheeky mixes A-1 bold and Heinz 57 - I think Heinz 57 is awful.

3. I may have mentioned this before but I am proud of this one and I think it needs repeating. I can burp. Loud and long. I can put Booger from Revenge of the Nerds to shame - oh yes I can. AND walking seems to stir up the juices - so on my morning walk - I am burping - loud and proud.

4. Even though I hate dealing with it, and I am NOT ready for it, I have to admit, watching/hearing the snow fall (not while driving of course) is really beautiful.

5. I STILL feel bamboozled! I keep saying this BUT.....I have YET to see the Northern Lights and I am told that you can see them from here. I think it was just another ploy to get me here.

6. I love to drive - in the proper car of course. Ask Katie, she will tell ya. I love to drive. AND I don't have a problem doing a U-ey if I need to (Patti is my witness to this one).

So there you have it. A few little known facts about the Cheekster. Who am I gonna tag....decisions decisions. Katie. Jana. Tommiea.

OH - Keep an eye on that mailbox.....if you are on "my list" then you will be receiving your first annual Halloween Card by Cheeky. Hmmm Cards by Cheeky....I like that! Anywho, they all went out in the mail yesterday. Those of you that are a little farther out - you know, across the ocean, I sent yours a few days earlier. Hopefully everyone will have theirs by Halloween. So now, its off to find a Turkey day card design - just haven't been inspired for those yet. I am not sure if they are going to happen.

NOW if you are jealous and wanted a card and didn't get one its either because #1 you didn't send me your address or #2 I lost it....but I am gonna go with #1 here. But be warned. Once I have your address you will be subject to random acts of card giving (well after the holidays anyway) at anytime during the year and without notice. I like to make them. I like to give them. And everyone likes getting stuff they don't expect in the mail (well good stuff, not bills and crap like that). So if you have surrendered your addy to me, you never know when you will get one (outside of the usual holidays of course).

Wednesday's steps: 5557

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