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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Its the big 300!!

Well you have waited and waited I know its finally here. 300 little known things about yours truly. Now I am not going to repost 100 and 200 so just click on them and read it for yourself mmmmmkay? No, its not cheating.......

Ready? Here we go......

201. I had to go back and read 100 and 200 so I don't repeat myself.
202. I can't believe they killed off Nick on Y&R.
203. Mr. Cheeky laughed at me last night when I told him that I almost cried when Michael told Phyllis that Nick was dead (oh no you ain't laughin at me to are ya?).
204. I need to start watching what I eat again. I am pushing maximum density.
205. I think everyone should get massages and facials on a regular basis.
206. I like my penmanship (handwriting for you non-edumacated peeps out there) - it changes based on my mood (see told ya I was Sybil - you didn't believe me did ya?).
207. I am good at forging others handwriting. I won't tell you how I know. I just do so let's just leave it at that shall we.
208. I don't encourage the teenage daughter to lie but I have told her that if she is ever in a sticky situation she needs to get out of with her friends and she still needs to save face then she can use me as the excuse as to "why" she can't "go here" or "do that" and make me the bad guy.
209. I really like teenage daughter's friend "L" (I gotta get her a nickname for here) but I still really really miss "A" from SC.
210. I went to my first scrapbook convention this year. I am already registered for two more in the next couple of months.
211. Mr. Cheeky is better at decorating than I am - seriously, I suck at it which is weird since I am crafty.
212. I am on a serious flamingo kick right now. Just love them!
213. There is a solution for my "issues" that require meds and then require more meds to counteract the effects of the first meds (did ya follow that?). But it involves surgery. I have to decide at some point but there is no hurry.
214. I really like actors/actresses that don't take themselves too seriously - an example would be William Shatner - he just cracks me right up.
215. I have kept several of my "resolutions" this year. The others? Well, we won't talk about those LOL.
216. The person I see in the mirror is not the same person that shows up in photos. Must be that Sybil thing again.
217. I get nose bleeds for no reason and at any time. And its only on the left side.
218. I AM the Jeopardy champion! (well at least in my own mind and that is really all that counts right?)

Patti wants to know:

What is the best thing about living in MN?
219. All the scrapbooking places - it feeds my addiction.

What is the worst thing about living in MN?
220. Ummm its cold - helloooooooo (hehe)

Jenie wants to know:

What did Cheeky want to be all growed up?
221. Well first of all, Cheeky still hasn't grown up (hehe). At first I wanted to be a lawyer but realized after watching those legal dramas on TV that I could never see a witness cry on the stand - I would cry right along with them and umm that wouldn't be good. Then I wanted to be a dermatologist but my guidance counselor talked me out of it. I still kinda want to do it though.

If I could live anywhere - where would it be?
222. As of now, Charleston BUT I haven't visited everywhere yet so that answer is based on my experiences so far. So I reserve the right to change this answer at any given time.

If I could change one thing right now what would it be?
223. Oh that's easy.....I would get rid of this big ol bootay (and the thighs that go with it).

You know as a kid you pick out your future kids names. Did I have names picked out?
224. Yes, I did.

What were they?
225. For a girl I wanted Alexis (I was a Dynasty fan...LOL), I was undecided on a boys name.

Did I use them?
226. No, I didn't. Hubs didn't like the name Alexis when the teenage daughter was born but he came around and then if man child was a girl he wanted to use it.

Am I still coming to Indy for the race in June?
227. Oh yeah Baby! And if your hubs is willing I am bunking with you girl!

Wes wants to know:

Who was I in a past life?
228. Hmmmm good question, and I am sure that there are sooooo many (haha) so I will go with just one this time....Billie Holliday - that girl (oh wait that would be I) had some serious pipes!

Ok back to my list (more questions/answers to come).

229. I still think Rob Lowe is a hottie!
230. I really want some of my blogger buddies to come and visit me at Chez Cheeky.
231. I miss playing board games. I should really do it more. Man child is a little young for some of them and well teenage daughter is just too busy being a teenager.
232. I have been feeling domestic lately AND what is worse is that I have been acting on it (gasp! I know....). I am not sure what is causing this behavior but ummmm we must find a cure.
233. I feel bad sometimes (only sometimes so don't get any ideas teenage daughter) for making my kids clean their room when #1 I hated doing it as a kid and #2 I still do.
234. Ok ya'll might want to sit down for this one.....for the first time EVER I am a little apprehensive about buying the new Bon Jovi album. I hear its a country album. I will buy it but I am not sure what to expect. Shocking I know.

Teenage Daughter wants to know:

How many pieces of gum can you fit in your mouth at one time?
235. Hmmm you have to be a little more specific here. I have a big ol mouth and you know this, BUT it depends on the brand of gum. If its something like HubbaBubba then the amount would be significantly less than if it were say ummm Trident. I think this is an experiment we need to do on one of those days when we are trapped inside in the winter.

Do you like toilet paper with designs or not? (see there we go again someone in the house talking about the potty)
236. I am picky about my toilet paper. I will buy the cheaper brand on some things I use around the house but when it comes to my toilet paper it has to be the good stuff. Not really big on the design thing though BUT I do like designs on my paper towels in the kitchen.

If I let you get a tattoo can I get my belly button pierced?
237. First of all, don't you just love the way she said "if I let you"....yep that's my girl. Tell you what, IF I decide to get a tat, then sure I will let you get your belly button pierced. (all you mom's out there can sooooo read into what is going on with this answer LOL).

Will you buy me a Llama?
238. Sure.

What is the worst thing you did in highschool and would I yell at my kids if they did the same thing?
239. This is such a loaded question. I didn't do anything bad in highschool. That would be your Aunt D! (hehe) I was the good one. So for anything that I "may" have done that could be considered "questionable" - I am pleading the fifth (and umm Kelly you can just keep yours shut too mmmkay?)! And for the yelling at my kids part of the question, well duh, that is one of the fun things about being a parent LMAO!

OK back to the list again....

240. I keep a secret stash of cash so that I can get my fix (read: buy scrapbooking stuff). BUT this secret stash is now empty....Uncle Sam, property taxes, insurance premiums (house, car, boat, etc), and car tags all being due at the same time took care of that. I was about to start going through withdrawals but that was alleviated with the gift cards I got for Mother's day this week.
241. Mommy K got me an early birthday present and gave it to me in Charleston last week. It was a Spidey Spud! I love it. He is gonna live beside Darth Tater and the Spud Trooper. Still have to get Artoo Potatoo though.
242. I have successfully taught kitty girl how to give ME (and only me) kisses.
243. My favorite set of sheets for my bed are slowly disintegrating. I LOVE these sheets. They were a cheap set I found at Linens and Things and they are the softest things ever (softer than the $300 set I bought once). I am on the lookout for a new set. I bought these so long ago I can't find them anymore.
244. I know "the Secret"
245. I have discovered a new author (Ok new to me). Harlan Coben. I have just read his two most recent books now I am excited that he already has several out and I can read those and not have to wait for a new one (like I am with John Grisham and Dan Brown).
246. I want to learn how to belly dance.
247. I have been contemplating going to school to be an Aesthetician or Massage Therapist. Not that I want to change careers or anything. Just that I want to learn how to do it and do it right.
248. As a kid, my nick name was Pooh Bear. My stocking still has Pooh on it instead of my name.
249. I haven't had a family portrait made since man child was a baby and the only reason we did it then was because it was a fund raiser for the local fire dept.

Will (an old highschool buddy) wants to know:

What is the first thing you remember from childhood?
250. OK you are gonna laugh, but one of my first memories is of the bathroom when I was about 2. Specifically the toilet seat and the little mark on it. Guess that is why I like potty humor so much. The other is me running from the bathroom to my bedroom nekkid (you know like fresh out of the tub) and Daddy sneakin up behind me to pinch me on the butt.

What was my saddest moment?
251. When Dr. Mixon told me that I was most likely going to miscarry my second pregnancy. He was right, I did.

Worst food?
252. I am assuming you are looking for what food I hate.....Pop, you wanna answer that one? hehe That would be green beans - can't stand them.

Worst date?
253. Hmmm well as you know I dated Mr. Cheeky all through highschool. Sooooo ummmm the worst one......I really don't think there was a really bad one and no I am not trying to cop out. Maybe it was my very first date ever. I don't really want to use names here but since we went to school remember the band teacher from middle school right? My first date was with his son.

Favorite Alcoholic Drink?
254. Overall, I would have to say Margaritas. But I get in moods where the drink of the month changes.

Worst Alcoholic Drink?
255. Hmmmm dunno. Maybe its all those dark ales that Shell drinks (kidding kidding - girl you know I had to get you for making fun of my beer choice in Houston). OH wait - the Shipyard Ale that Mr. Cheeky brought back from when the USS Maine was commissioned. That was some nasty stuff - the bottle was cool though.

Most memorable highschool memory?
256. I guess it would have to be the last band awards program where at the end - in front of everybody....Mr. Cheeky proposed (yes, its on video).

My opinion on the Iraqi situation
257. I really don't talk much about politics on my blog. I will say, that my opinion has changed over time as I am sure many others has too.

Places I want to visit
258. There are so many. Australia, England, Alaska, the list just goes on and on. Look out cause I may just be coming to visit you in HI - this is your only warning LOL

Fantasies that don't include Bon Jovi?
259. Ahhh yes, you do know me well don't you? And since you do you would know that there ain't no such thing!

Back to the list....

260. I can put my hair up with just a pencil (or pen, or orange stick or whatever happens to be lying around) and it looks good. I learned how to do this years ago when I was stuck working in the armpit of America (that would be Newark, NJ).
261. I used to love to help my Grandmaw (that lived in SC) make biscuits when I was a kid. She made the best biscuits ever.
262. My other Granny (that lived in NC) made the worlds best red velvet cake. The last piece I ever ate was one she made.
263. According to the teenage daughter, my potato salad rocks!

The Pup wants to know:

Pie, Pi, and Pei. What kind of pie will you bake me, how are your math skills, and what's your favorite breed of dog?
264. Cherry pie (is there any other?), I used to so totally rock in math. Went all the way through Trig in school but since having kids, well my brain is just mush. Breed of dog....hmmmm well I do like a cute mutt (Barney and Willie were both mutts) but I also think Bichon Frise (did I spell that right? I am too tired to look it up) are too cute (never owned one though).

Call or Text?
265. Both. I like calling and hearing people's voice on the other end but sometimes just sending a little "hi there" text just to make someone smile is cool too.

Three things I have not/will not blog about (tease us)?
266. Hmmmm...I try to keep this as PG13 as possible (considering how the teenage daughter and some of her friends read this) so those "adult topics" tend not to get discussed (which is why I didn't answer one of your questions outright but...with that being said - the answer to your omitted question would be the first one, you know what I am talking about). I don't blog about work. I will speak in generalities (like I am in HR/recruiting) but nothing specific about the company or people I work with (even though most of them are really awesome). And usually I stay away from things like religion and politics. I believe what I believe. Others believe what they believe. It doesn't matter if I agree with you or you agree with me.

I sing everyday with Cheeky everyday. I am singing alto, what part are you singing?
267. I am singing the lead baby! (yeah like you really thought I would say something different here....hahaha)

Suzanna wants to know (I know you asked more but had to narrow it down a bit):

What is your most typed blog word?
268. Ohhh that's a good one. Maybe "yeah".

Favorite grown up toy?
269. Oh girl you know what that Cricut.

If you were a sign, what would your sign read?
270. Slippery when wet! (Hey! get your minds out of the gutter - that is a Bon Jovi reference....geesh bunch of pervs LOL).

Most viewed TV show?
271. Well there are several but I have to say at this point CSI (the original Vegas one). OH and can I just share that I wanna know who the miniature killer is AND I soooooo want to be a dead body on that show. How cool would that be? So, if ya'll know anyone that can get me there, hook a Cheeky up would ya.

Gabby wants to know:

If you could change your name, what would it be?
272. As a kid, I always wanted to be named Amy. But now I like my name so I don't think I would change it.

If you could re-live the 80's again would you? and why?
273. Oh yeah baby! I had fun in the 80's. I graduated in 1990 so all my highschool years were in the 80's. I wasn't the most popular or anything but I had friends in various cliques (again sorta supports that whole Sybil thing I have going).

First thing you notice about the opposite sex?
274. Sense of humor

If your cat's could talk, what would they say about you?
275. Kitty girl would say "I wish this woman would stop telling me to give her kisses, she is starting to get on my last nerve". Sylvester would say "wake up and feed me woman".

What would I do if I had $5 Million Dollars?
276. Anything I wanted....LOL But seriously, why don't we have a little experiment - all ya'll pool your money together and give it to me and see what I will do with it....hehe

Julie wants to know:

If you could go "Back to the Future," where would you go and what time period? You know approximately what years? 20s, 30s,...60s...?
277. Well we all know I am a child of the 80's but I often think that the 50/60's could sorta be fun too - I mean, I already know all the music!

What is your favorite song of all time?
278. This is a real tough one for me. If you read this blog at all you know that I do love my music. I think maybe Amazing Grace would be the all time song. Not necessarily with the lyrics but rather played on bagpipes - (no, I am not Irish) but there is just something about that song played that way.

Shell wants to know:

If you could do anything as a career what would you do?
279. Oh yeah you guessed it, ok well maybe there is two things. One, if I could make a living out of making cards - I would so totally do it (and yes, I have a few designs to show you for this season). The second would be something to do with music.

OH Will wanted to know something else (and ummm its late and I don't feel like going back through this post and re-numbering so just deal with it mmmkay?)

What is your favorite band instrument?
280. Well you know I am multi-talented (hahaha) but my favorite for playing would be the bass guitar. I was good ya'll - I have rhythm for a white girl! I wanted to be the female version of Flea (from the Red Hott Chili Peppers) but better looking of course.

SFG wants to know:

Describe your perfect day
281. Hmmmm there are soooooo really is hard to choose just one ya know. I think a day where I am laughing, having fun and just generally loving life (without people getting on my last nerve) that would be a perfect day.

"L" - The teenage daughter's friend wants to know:

Have you ever mowed your own lawn?
282. Oh yes, I used to be about 15 months preggo (ok it felt like it) with teenage daughter in the hot blazing sun of Charleston pushing a lawn mower cause Mr. Cheeky was out at sea. But I haven't done it since we moved here.

What was your first car?
283. My first car was a blue Pontiac T-1000 (Pontiac's version of a Chevette) and it was a stick (straight drive)/manual transmission - whatever you want to call it) AND it didn't have A/C but I loved it!

As a child, what was your favorite TV show?
284. Oh that is easy. The Muppets! And yes, I own the first season on DVD. And yes, I still watch it and still love it!

What was your all time favorite book?
285. That would be the one that ya'll are reading now - To Kill a Mockingbird.

At the grocery store, do you prefer paper or plastic?
286. Actually, I prefer paper but I usually get plastic to re-use around the house. Neither one are very "eco" friendly (see I learned that this week on Ellen - and who says daytime TV wasn't good for you?)

Have you ever held a gun?
287. I am from the south honey. Yes, I have held, and aimed and fired a gun. So has your friend teenage daughter.

What nail polish color do you prefer?
288. I usually go with a dark burgandy color. The most recent favorite was by OPI several years ago call "SoHo Nice to Meet You". I still have some left but you can't buy it anymore I don't think.

What was the first concert you ever went to?
289. Well, its not like you would know them cause you are all young and stuff but the first concert ever was Sha-na-na and Dr. Hook was the opener!

If you were a bug, what kind of bug would you be?
290. A black widow spider.

Back to my list......

291. I like sleeping with the windows open. I like the fresh air in the house.
292. The first time I ever went to the circus I was in the 6th grade.
293. I have window rattling burps! I am very proud of them.
294. I only eat strawberry toaster strudels and I like to put them in the microwave instead of the toaster (but becareful anything over 30 seconds and they might explode - don't ask me how I know - I just do).
295. I still own my very first microwave. It is huge and I love it and it still works (it currently resides in my storage room since this house is equipped with a microwave over the stove)
296. I do NOT have a green thumb where house plants and flowers are concerned - that would belong to Mr. Cheeky.
297. Growing up, my BFF's name was Gwen - well BFF until school started anyway LOL. I wonder what she is doing now?
298. I usually switch between channels for my local news but I prefer watching NBC for my national news.
299. I sometimes wear my hair in pigtails - as an adult (yeah, just shut it ok - I am getting desperate here).
300. When I am at home during the day working, I turn up the radio and sing, loud, really loud and ummmm I dance too (you know how you used to do as a kid and would get embarrassed if anyone ever saw you - yeah, that's me).

Ok ya'll there you have 300 things post! Now hook a sista up and give me a little love in my comments - seriously I wanna see how many I can get - so give me a little shout out on your blogs as well to help send people my way - just for this one event....please??.....pretty please???? OK tell you what, IF you do, then I will post a nekkid pic of me at the end of this post (that got your attention didn't it?...hehe)

Whew that took a lot out of me so you are only gonna get a short recap of the concert last night.....IT SO ROCKED! It was the Honda Civic Tour and there were several bands playing. We got there at 6 just as the first band took the stage (Cobra Starship) - they weren't bad at all. Then there was Paul Wall - dude the place was pumpin! Up next was "The Academy Is..." again I was pleasantly surprised. Then there was +44 (Plus 44)with Travis Barker and Mark Hoppus from Blink182 - another good performance. Then Fall Out Boy took the stage and it was AWESOME! I am soooo glad I took teenage daughter to see this show. Fall Out Boy is coming back again in the fall - we might have to go....maybe.....we will see.....

Cobra Starship, Paul Wall, and The Academy Is....signed autographs and such. Teenage daughter had her pic made with Cobra Starship and got her beater shirt signed by them and Paul Wall. I will post the pics and the little video after the 300 post....I am toooo tired and this is toooo long to try and do it now.....

Now for all of you that gave me a shout out on your blogs to help me generate a little traffic - as I promised - here is a nekkid picture of yours truly.....

Hey! I didn't say it was a recent one - seriously, get your minds out of the gutter - pervs!

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