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Monday, April 30, 2007

Do they have a support group.....

For parents of class clowns? (tapping the mic....hey is this thing on...tap tap tap) Hello, my name is Cheeky and I am the parent of a class clown (crowd responds "welcome Cheeky") Once again, this week I had a call from the school, and a note sent home that I had to sign that will most like go into a file that will forever lable my child. (someone in the group gasps - "how dare they"). Now, I know this is wrong but I have to also admit that when I got the call, and was told what he was doing.....I laughed. But of course I can't tell man child that. I have to be a parent right? I can't let him get away with that. He has to learn how to operate with in the boundaries (and I have to admit with this stupid school even I don't know what the boundaries are....I really don't like this school.). When Mr. Cheeky read the note.....first thing he did was laugh. And usually we don't involve the teenage daughter in disciplinary actions with the man child but we had to share this one (because we have a twisted sense of humor at Chez Cheeky) and when we did....she laughed. Well, I guess if he is going to be a class clown he might as well be good at it. Right?

BUT since I have to be a parent here, I had to discipline him. The discipline was more for not listening to the sub and following directions (this has been an on going problem for the entire class - the teacher has lost control) than it was for his class clown behavior. We did discuss when it is appropriate to try and make you friends laugh and when making this decision if it is something the teachers would have a problem with (which is everything). So for the first really gorgeous weather weekend, the man child was in jail in his room with no forms of entertainment except his imagination (which means he is thinking up yet more ways to make people laugh).

So you are asking yourself....what did he do? Well, I guess we as parents, we should take a little of the blame for thinking "potty humor" (not potty mouths) is funny. You know the kind of humor like Dumb and Dumber where Lloyd gives Harry (Jeff Daniels) a laxative and he has to run to the john and its just funny. Or the scene in White Chicks where Marcus (Marlon Wayans)is posing as a white girl and eats quiche with cheese and he is lactose intollerant and runs to the pot? Well, here at Chez Cheeky, we think that kinda stuff if funny (yes we are immature - so just shut it mmmkay?). On a regular basis someone will walk out of the bathroom saying something like "oh you don't wanna go in there - I just dropped a big ol stink pickle" but saying it with a since of pride not warning. So, my man child thinks this kinda stuff is funny too. So what does he do? He is in art class, and gets the idea that the class just isn't rowdy enough, or loud enough, or laughing enough so he goes over to the waste basket and says "hey everybody - wanna watch take a poop?" (or something to that effect - I wasn't there) and proceeds to squat (fully dressed of course - he was simulating) and make a face like he is dropping a stink pickle. Because I know my son, I also have to assume that sound effects were also involved. (hanging my head acting like I am ashamed but in actuality I am giggling again).

OK - topic change.....

Last night the teenage daughter called me a dork. Not once but a couple of times. She was even on the phone with her BFF and said it again "my mom is a dork". Why did she say this??? Because his Royal Purpleness was on TV last night - yes it was the movie Purple Rain. So of course, I had to watch it. I had to point it out to the teenage daughter and that is when she called me a dork for the first time. THEN....while she was on the phone....I called her upstairs cause Morris Day was singing I had to sing to, and dance like Morris. Teenage daughter was laughing at me and told her BFF to change the channel and see what I was doing....that is when I got called a dork again. She told BFF that the next time she comes over - which will be any minute now (haha cause she is always over) that I would have to dance for her.

Cheeky - who is still singin and dancin a little Morris Day and the Time....(sing with me now....and you know you wanna dance too....)

America, have you heard? I got a brand new dance and it's called "The bird"
You don't need no finesse or no personality, you just need two arms and an attitude.
And everybody sing with me, come on now!
Whawk! Hallelujah! Whoa!

Brothers, don't be cool. Women like it sometimes when you act a fool.
Sisters, don't be shy. Let your body get loose, you ain't to fat to fly.
Come on now! Whawk! Hallelujah! Whoa!

Yes! Hold on now, this dance ain't for everybody. Just the sexy people.
White folks, you're much too tight.
You gotta shake your head like the black folks. You might get some tonight.
Look out!

Whawk! Hallelujah! Whoa!

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